Best electronic drum set reviews and buying guide-2016

Best electronic drum sets

As a musician, you may want to try things that go beyond the norm to find a sound that’s uniquely yours. Whether it’s a new riff or a new tone in the right place, guitarists and vocalists have a lot of tools at their disposal to make unique music.

As a drummer, however, you’re going to be a bit more limited on a standard acoustic drum kit.

Sure, you’ve got your standard bag of tricks, but at the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do for any given style of music.

What you really need is a way to mix in more percussion sounds to your music; maybe a steel drum sound or a timpani, or even something as simple as a regular snare with a warmer sound.

Fortunately, there’s now a way you can have your choice of hundreds of percussion instruments all in one kit, all completely adjustable and all affordable. What you really need is an electronic drum kit.

What is an electronic drum set?

For all that they do, electronic drum kits aren’t terribly complicated to use.

At its most basic level, they are a set of electronically sensitive drum pads that, when struck, send a small electric signal to a control box that produces a set sound.

This control box is actually where most of your magic is going to happen; inside your control box (or your drum kit’s “brain”).

You’ve got a library of sounds that you can associate with each drum pad’s strike. With just a few changes on the interface, you can set your electronic drum kit’s sound to either a factory preset standard, or simply mix and match your own.

Even though the idea is fairly simple and the basic concept of an electronic drum has been around since the 80‘s, the technology has improved by leaps and bounds since.

One of the biggest innovations that’s now a hallmark of good electronic drum kits is the ability to not only detect when a particular drum pad is struck, but exactly where.

Using mathematical models and a wider array of sensors, the brains of these electronic drums can alter your sound to act just like a real drum, giving you the ability to play rim-shots, let your cymbals ring and dampen as you choose, and even to slightly distort the sound of your snare depending on exactly where on the pad you make contact.

Far from being like a button pressed on a computer, today’s electronic drum sets are really brains that think and act just like the real thing.

Another feature that is perfect for the studio and the stage is the ability to assign different outputs to different soundboard channels, letting you balance your drums in a way that would be much more difficult on an acoustic set.

Because all the inputs are running through your electronic drum kit’s brain, balancing them is as easy as adjusting volume channels.

Like most good electronics, the electronic drum kit has evolved to do some clearly incredible things and, in the right hands, can make your music sound even better than before.

Why Choose Electronic Drums?

While there still isn’t a perfect substitute for the real thing, an electronic drum set does have its own perks that you just can’t get on an acoustic set. There are also some minor disadvantages that an acoustic set has over an electronic version.

Advantages of Electronic Kits:

Noise Control

For starters, an electronic drum can be played at a much quieter level than traditional drum kits, which already alleviates a few drum-related problems.

With a headphone jack, you can practice inside your home or even your apartment at any time without disturbing your neighbors.

Without headphones, the volume can be controlled with the turn of a knob, making it an ideal fit for churches or a small stage.

While doing shows, this is a huge help as well, especially in tight quarters.

Not only are electronic drums smaller and easier to transport, but on an electronic setup, you (and the other members of your band), won’t have to fight to be heard while playing next to the drum kit. Not only does this make hearing everyone else easier, but it’s a great remedy to the age-old problem of tinnitus, or a ringing in the ears that’s an unfortunately common problem in long-time drummers.

Sound Variations

Whatever your style of music may be, the right electronic drum can give you a percussion sound that works with it.

Since all of your sounds are programmable, it’s possible to pick out and refine a wide variety of sounds that will all work on the same setup, turning your one drum kit into an entire closet full of percussion instruments.

It’s entirely doable on most drum models to adjust the sound profile, so you get exactly the sound you and your band are looking for. If you’re using one of the higher end models, it’s also possible to adjust individual sounds; you could have a kick drum with a warm, full sound paired with an incredibly sharp snare, if that’s your preference.

They don’t warrant extremely high end microphone for recording like acoustic drums do. The sound can be received through line-out or MIDI connections. It makes electric drums a practical buy for education, practice, studio recording, or real performance uses.

Space and Maintenance

In general, electronic drum kit versions are slightly more compact than their acoustic drum competition, making it a good fit for tight quarters.

Electronic drum sticks, brushes and mallets are likely to retain their use longer than the instruments used on acoustic drum kits because of the use of rubberized rims that don’t allow metal contact.

Fine tuning an electric drum set will never occur as well.

Disadvantages of Electronic Kits

One of the gripes you’ll hear is that even the best electronic drum sets can’t duplicate the sound you’ll receive with an acoustic drum set.

While in some cases this is true based on the repeated exposure to the drums (and sniff test), the technology behind electric drums is improving. The general consensus is to stay away from the extremely cheap electronic drum sets (unless purchasing for a baby or toddler) because the inexpensive ones use very cheap rubber and single triggered rubberized hard pads (or not real drum pedals).

In a large setting, these kits need some sort of amplification to be heard well, which is the opposite reason why they are ideal in smaller settings.

Who Are the Big Names Behind the Drum Sets?

With drum kits, you’ve got a big advantage in knowing who the best names are. Because the technology is relatively new, a lot of your best models are going to come from well-established instrument companies, many of which you’re probably already used to using.

Yamaha, for example, was one of the first companies to produce electronic drum kits back in the 80‘s, and they’re still going strong today with a line of kits for every budget. The DTX400-K is a popular, affordable Yamaha version.

In the same vein, you’ve got Roland, one of the pioneers in electronic instruments, offering a serious list of electronic drum kits that continue to push the envelope and blur the lines between acoustic and digital sound.

Finally, you’ve got the original innovators who made the first affordable electronic drum set, Alesis. Not surprisingly, they’re still making some of the top electronic drum kits on the market today, such as the Alesis DM10.

Whatever your style, whatever your budget, and whatever your skill level, we’ve collected some of the best electronic drum kits on the market here for you to check out. Take a look through some of our high-quality selections. Do a little research, and let us help you find the perfect kit for you.

The Top Rated Electronic Kits

With the heap of electronic drum sets available in the market today, it’s hard to weed through what is worthy of your investment and what can be ignored. These choices will certainly leave you satisfied.

#1 Alesis DM6 USB 5 Piece Set

What you’re getting with the Alesis DM6 isn’t just a great affordable electronic drum set, but a great affordable platform for your electronic drumming.

What’s the difference?

Well, to start off, you’re getting all your basic pieces done up in a soft rubber that’s both velocity sensitive and delivers a realistic response, as well as a two-zoned setup for your snare pad. This way, you can do all the standard tricks that you could do on an acoustic snare, or even a few new ones exclusive to electronic drumming.

The brain on the DM6 gives you a wide library of sounds, all fully interchangeable for your own preset kits, as well as the option to play MIDI sounds through a simple USB to grow your library even further.

But what truly makes this module a great platform is the fact that most of your upgraded Alesis pieces will work through the DM6 setup. You can build your next Alesis drum kit one pad at a time, a real plus for the musician on a budget.

Get started the right way with a DM6, and you’ll have a solid framework you can use for your entire drumming career.

#2 Yamaha DTX400K Drum Package

Starting off in electronic drumming without any gear at all can be a real pain.

Fortunately, the Yamaha DTX400K kit has everything you’ll need to get started right out of the box.

Not only do you get a drum throne, a set of Vic Ferth 5A wood sticks, and a set of full size JVC headphones, but also the DTX400K electronic drum kit (duh) that’s got every feature a new drummer would need and nothing they wouldn’t.

You’re getting a five pad setup that covers all your basics, all done in velocity sensitive hard rubber, as well as pedals for your kick drum and your hi-hat, all fixed into place for easy assembly and breakdown.

The brain on this Yamaha electronic drum set gives you just enough options to be useful without so many as to be overwhelming; with ten preset kits ranging from rock to R&B and even to miscellaneous percussion, all with the options to set volume, panning, and reverb (all of which are easily explained in the manual). This means you can balance well with other players without a control box.

It’s your basic all-in-one setup with a sound that sounds anything but, and it’s a perfect buy for any new drummer.

#3 Alesis DM10 Studio Kit 8 Piece Drum Set

Whether you want to get more functionality out of your existing electronic drum kit, or you’re an acoustic professional looking to branch out, the DM10 has you covered and then some.

Fans of the DM6 will find that all the pieces are there, but they’re also the best possible versions of themselves.

You’re getting Alesis’ dual-zone Realheads for all your drum pads, done in real mylar with a triple flanged hoop that can be tuned with a drum key, giving you an incredibly realistic feel with every strike.

You also get Alesis’ signature Dynamic articulation. Now, not only will your volume change with harder strikes, but the actual timbre of the sound changes as well, just like a real acoustic set.

The brain that you’re getting on the DM10 is equally impressive, giving you over a hundred preset kits, a hundred spaces for you to design your own kit, the option to load new sounds via USB into the brain, and the ability to change each and every characteristic about each and every one.

For a truly jaw-dropping amount of control, clarity, and absolute professional quality from an industry leading company, the DM10 is the first, last, and only word.

#4 DDrum DD1 Complete Kit

For the new drummer, having a comprehensive kit right from the get-go is important This way, you can learn on an electronic drum kit without losing anything you could do on an acoustic. That being said, the DD1 Complete kit from Ddrum has absolutely got a new player covered.

Not only do you have a standard four pad setup set on a super sturdy aluminum frame, as well as your crash, ride, and hi-hat complete with pedals, but each of these pieces really goes above and beyond to give you a realistic drum experience.

Instead of just a pedal on the floor for your bass drum, you’re getting a real bass pedal and a striking pad, just like an acoustic setup.

For your cymbals, you’re getting a choke feature that stops your cymbal sound cold when you press it; once again, just like an acoustic setup.

However, the DD1 doesn’t just emulate an acoustic model drum kit, but improves on it with the DD1 brain. You get over 215 unique sounds spread out over twenty presets and ten user created kits, all entirely customizable.

On top of that, you also get MIDI inputs to give you a completely unique sound. Once you start playing the DD1, you’ll know that the only thing about it that feels cheap is the price.

#5 Roland TD1-1KV-S Compact Series

If you’ve already got a bit of drumming under your belt, or you just want to buy one kit that will last for most of your drumming career, you’ll easily find a friend in the Roland TD11 KV-S Compact Electronic Drum Kit.

It is a mid range workhorse that gives you some incredible features.

For starters, your pads are all as realistic as possible, thanks to mesh-head dual-trigger pads; this way, even players used to the rebound of acoustic kits don’t lose anything switching over to the KV-S.

In the same vein, your cymbals have a natural swing to them, unlike your standard fixed pads. Not even your timing suffers when switching over to this wonderful mid range kit.

But, by far and away, the big star on this model is the TD11 brain. Built from the ground up with Roland’s SuperNATURAL setup, including a huge library of presets and custom kit options, as well as a USB option to expand even further, the TD11 brain gives you pretty much complete control over your sound.

It feels real, it acts real, and it plays to whatever real is real to you.

#6 Pyle Pro PED04 Electronic Drum Kit

If you’re looking for the best beginner drum set that’s a little more versatile, the Pyle Pro PED04 is a fairly solid choice.

You’ve got your basic drum pad setup with pads that have a much more familiar response than other similarly priced models. This way, even acoustic players can play electronic drums without needing to change their style.

To help out beginner drummers and acoustic veterans even more, all of your pads are force sensitive. Every hit of the snares, toms, and cymbals will be just as loud as your strike.

No matter how loud you play, though, you can always plug in your headphones and practice without disturbing your neighbors, a great point for anybody who lives in apartments or other close-quarters areas.

With all the basic responsive pieces on board, the Pyle Pro PED04 proves itself to be a fairly solid electronic drum set for beginners.

In addition to your drum pads, the brain on the PED04 gives you plenty of options to mix up your sound. With eleven presets and four variations apiece, you can easily find the right kit for your music’s signature sound.

If you find that’s not enough, this kit is also MIDI ready, so you can easily plug it up to your computer and access a much larger library of tones to suit your needs.

Even with all the features, the PED04‘s control module is easy to access, easy to understand, and robust enough to do everything a new drummer would need for it to do, making it one of the best electronic drum set for beginners.

#7 Alesis DM Lite

From Alesis, the company that essentially designed affordable electronic mixers and kits, comes a scaled down version of one of their most popular lines that’s perfect for new drummers. We’re talking, of course, about the DM series for the former and the DM Lite for the latter.

Right out of the box, almost everything should already be in place, including your four drum pads, three cymbals, a hi-hat pedal, and a velocity sensitive kick drum pedal that gets louder the harder you press the pedal down.

All you need to do is open the arms up, move the pads where you want them, plug up the single cord (not a rats-nest of confusing cables like on other models), and you’re ready to go.

The brain of this unit is simple enough to understand, but comprehensive enough that you still have some features to play with. On the DM Lite, you’ve got ten presets that cover all your classic drum styles, as well as a few eclectic ones to add a little twist to your music. If you’re feeling up to it, you can also connect the DM Lite to your computer via USB and use it just like a MIDI keyboard, giving you a much larger sound library to work from.

But the real draw, especially for new players, is the host of on-board coaching programs that come with this electronic beginners drum set.

These little trainers range from simply keeping on a steady tempo to the more intricate tasks, like playing changing rhythms at increasingly faster tempos, and they’re all accessible right on the DM Lite module.

While they’re not a substitute for a real teacher, they do offer a lot of opportunities for new drummers to keep their skills sharp and avoid any bad habits. 

Ready for a minor step up? Try the Alesis DM Lite electronic drum set to up the ante.

Best hair straightener reviews- 2016


Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener Review

The Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener with Teflon fiber plates might have you believing it is an inferior, low-end product due to its price. At less than $45, you may be inclined to look a little further up the retail price food chain before you do your flattening iron shopping. But doing so would provide a costly mistake, and the style of your hair will almost certainly suffer. A powerful little dynamo at a great price, the Damage Therapy 1-inch Flat Iron uses non-stick Teflon plates to provide a damage-free, even heating, “one pass” straightener that can flatten, straighten and curl the kinkiest and curliest, and yes even the most damaged hair.

If you have damaged your hair with other straighteners that required several passes, you know the dangers of high heat when applied to your hair multiple times. The S2044 alleviates the need for several passes by using the same non-stick technology top chefs use in the kitchen. If your hair can’t stick to the Teflon warming plates, it can’t burn and kink. Add the fact that Teflon is a great heat transfer medium, and the total package gets even better.

And because of this premium heating transfer system, your hair needs only one pass, since all your hair evenly lays against the Teflon plates. But be warned; set the temp lower on the Damage Therapy 1-inch Flat Iron than you are used to with your current iron. Teflon throws off heat much more effectively than inferior plates. Since this is the case, your hair is exposed to less heat fro the same result, which means no cuticle damage, and healthier, shinier hair.

Even those of you with more difficult hair will be amazed. One African American customer said she wanted to experiment with it straight out of the box, even though her hair needed washing and conditioning. Her usually kinky hair was straight after one pass on medium heat, and she was sick that she had spent three times as much for other lesser flatteners in the past. She is one of many ladies who reviewed this product on trusted online retailer Amazon, where it received an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars from previous customers. It is hard to believe that such a low-priced product can deliver such awesome results.

This Teflon plating is exclusive to Remington, and couples with Tourmaline ion emission for zero-frizz results, and improved shine. If you are like me, you don’t care about big words and scientific mumbo-jumbo, you just want results. You want damage-free straightening and shine from your flattening iron without spending a fortune. The Remington S2044 Damage Therapy Ceramic Hair Straightener definitely fits the bill, costs less than $45, Amazon will ship it for free, and it is currently on sale at over 20% off.

Add auto-shut-off and the trusted Remington name, and the Remington S2044 Damage Therapy 1-inch Flat Iron deserves consideration as your next Flattening Iron. As long as you don’t want to overpay for underperformance, pick up the S2044 today, and save enough money to pick up that hot little dress you’ve had your eye on to complement your gorgeous new hairstyle.

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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron Review

With an average customer review of 4.67 out of a possible 5 stars on Amazon, the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores I have ever seen for a product that has over 100 reviews. I have reviewed hundreds of products in every imaginable niche, and when you realize that most beauty products have much more demanding customers than most other markets, that figure is even more impressive.

The exceptional and fast heat storage transfer offered by the Babyliss Pro Nano has an unsurpassed ability to stabilize high heats and deliver consistent heat with no ups and downs. You know what happens to your hair when you have your heat flaring and dropping. And unlike some flat irons that transfer their heat through poorly insulated rods, your hair does not look dry. It has a moist looking sheen that looks healthy, not burnt. That is never the case with this Amazon best buy that is rated the #2 Flattening Iron in all of Amazon, and is currently more than 50% off, saving you over $90. (That is more than enough to pay for a night out, showing off your beautiful new style.)

This is a professional grade Flat Iron at a discount store price, but don’t think that there is something missing here performance wise. When more than one hundred previous customers chime in to let you know what they think, it is as easy as reading their reviews, looking at the price, and hitting the buy button! Backed with a 4 year “no questions asked” warranty, this flat iron provides all upside. Babyliss has created an absolutely “as close to perfect” flattening iron.

The LED temp settings range up to 450 degrees for faster curling or straightening, and the special process that emits negative ions while using the max high infrared heat delivers results without damaging your hair. The super thin, lightweight design and Babyliss proprietary material used in the manufacture of the rod and cover will never grab or bind your hair.

One happy customer whose story was typical of most of the reviews found on Amazon says her hairdresser “called her Mufasa” because of the massive, thick, abundant and unruly hair on her head. She tried several other flattening irons, most of them much more expensive than the Babyliss Pro, and was never happy until she purchased the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron. She points out that the extra long titanium plates and high, even heat flatten her “wavy, stubborn hair in one stroke” and she has never received more compliments about her hair before.

We are not all blessed with straight, beautiful, “easy to tame” hair, but the Babyliss Pro Nano Platinum gives anyone beautiful, quick results in minutes, will never damage your hair, and is priced at half of the other Flattening Irons which don’t even perform as well. If performance is what you want, this is the iron for you.

Want to save enough money to go out on the town and show off your gorgeous “new” hair”? In that case, the Babyliss Pro Nano is the correct choice again. So, if you want to have that perfect, straight, silky smooth hair that Pop and Hollywood Stars spend hundreds to achieve, get the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron, save over 50% (about $85) off the regular retail and get free shipping when you order from trusted retailer Amazon. Kinky, unmanageable hair today, silky-smooth, gorgeous flat hair tomorrow.

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Turboion Rbb Croc Classic Straightener Review

Review of the TurboIon Rbb Croc Classic Straightener

The TurboIon Rbb Croc Classic Straightener with 1.5 inch black titanium plates is a quick-heat, high-heat straightening tool / flat iron / curler that handles any hair care task you need. With a high max temperature of 450 degrees, and a super fast heating element, you will not have long to wait for “one pass” straightening. The longer than average 1.5 inch plates ensure better coverage and stability, and the silver coated cover is plated twice. This keeps the handle from getting too hot, and helps you focus on your hair, not your hand.

The ceramic “nano fine” heating element is the best in the industry, and not only heats up quickly, but “learns” temperatures very well. Whatever heat setting you use this time will return the same amount of heat when you use that setting again. One really cool feature that helps cut down on mistakes from forgotten settings is the memory temp feature. Every time you turn the TurboIon Rbb Croc on, it returns to the previous settings you used last.

Priced right at about half what you pay for underperforming similar models, the standard 9 ft. power cord has an ingenious 360 degree swivel housing that allows you to use the iron in any position without bothersome cord tangle.

The swivel cord feature ensures that your concern is on styling your hair, not worrying about cord whip and pulling the plug out of the wall. And the 9 foot length allows you to stand up while styling in a full length mirror. Too many flat irons have a 6 foot cord which doesn’t allow you to see the whole picture you are creating when you style your “do”.

I checked with several customers via their Amazon review, and a resounding number had spent much more money on big brand names that were hotter in the handle, took forever to heat up, and didn’t heat evenly. Across the board, customers with varying types of hairstyles and thickness raved about the TurboIon Rbb Croc Classic Straightener’s ability to heat up fast, deliver even heat, and cool down rapidly.

And ladies with African American and Native American ancestry noted that, as one happy purchaser said, “NOW, with the TurboIon Rbb Croc Classic Straightener my style time and amount of product usage is cut in half with even better results. I have had so many friends, including my own hair dresser, comment on how healthy and shiny my hair looks.” That says it all right there.

The fast cool down time frame is great, especially if there are kids in your house, and the TurboIon Rbb Croc Classic performs admirably as a curler as well, thanks to the large 1.5 inch plates and constant heat. And the iron’s plate temperature is readily available right on the handle in digital readout. It is no wonder that professionals love the TurboIon Rbb Croc Classic Straightener and depend on it to make a living.

All that performance excellence is great, and you may be prepared to pay over $150 for a straightener that is so versatile. Fortunately, this customer favorite will not cost anywhere near that.

Currently more than 50% off (yes, you read that right) at a savings of more than $75, you can pick this product up at the guaranteed lowest price on, and they will even throw in free shipping. With $75 back in your pocketbook, free shipping, and outstanding reviews from professionals and home stylists alike, your online shopping trip is now over! Pick up the TurboIon Rbb Croc Classic Straightener and spend your savings on that dress you’ve had your eyes on, and look awesome from head to toe.

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Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Straightener Review

The Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital ceramic hair straightener is more than just your run of the mill flattening iron. Remington knows flattening and straightening your hair is just one step in your hairstyling process.

The Shine Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron delivers up to 86% more shine than conventional flatteners and straighteners, using the special Remington Style Therapy system of hardware design and ceramic plate infusion. The ceramic plates are infused with vitamin E conditioning products and avocado that help retain a moist look, and healthy hair that does not get cuticle damage from over-heating. The way hair is overheated and damaged by poorly made flatteners is avoided with the ceramic floating plate design. More of you hair contacts more of the plates, thereby ensuring minimal time exposed to heat. And the S9950 heats up to a sizzling 430 degrees in 30 seconds, so straightening stubborn, thick hair is no challenge.

The heat display can be digitally monitored with a glance at the conveniently located readout on the handle, and don’t worry about having to replace the avocado and vitamin E that treats your hair to a healthy, shiny appearance as well as flattening. The patented ceramic plate moisturizing process is guaranteed to last at least 4 years. The release of hair-healthy avocado and E vitamins through microscopic pores in the ceramic heating plates goes unnoticed, but the result does not. You have shinier, healthier, glossy hair than ever before without adding expensive creams and heat conditioners.

Now getting salon quality hair in the comfort of your own home is simple and affordable. Ceramic is the secret here, because it is so versatile: it holds heat longer, disperses heat evenly and lasts forever. But adding the conditioning and moisturizing effects to the ceramic is what sets the Shine Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron apart from standard ceramic heating plates. This minimizes damage and is warrantied for 4 years, ensuring beautiful hair for years to come.

This incredible hair styling tool also works on dual voltage, so traveling is a snap. You will never be without power, wherever you go. Remington knows that you respect style, so the Shine Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron is wrapped by an attractive sky-blue and silver housing, and the controls are located where they make sense, allowing for quick access. Afraid of accidentally changing the temp with your hand while you work? The controls have a lock setting that ensures error-free styling and lets you keep your eyes on your hair. The swivel housing keeps the cord tangle-free as well as your hair, and a neat plus is the accompanying styling tips guide that teach you exactly how best to utilize the Shine Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron to get the desired result.

For less than $60 you may think this product is low end, but the only thing low end is the price. Backed by the Remington name and carrying rave reviews from previous customers, your next Flat Iron purchase is a no-brainer. Pick up the Shine Therapy 1-Inch Flat Iron online today and show off healthy, shiny hair tomorrow.

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Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron Review

Chi 1 Ceramic Flat Iron Review

The Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron is truly in a class by itself, and not only in the beauty industry. How many products do you know that are among the top 2 or 3 in their class … for 6 years?! Technology usually kicks devices to the curb every couple of years, but this amazing professional beautician’s and hairstylist’s tool has remained the #1 most popular and best selling flattening iron on out of over 2,000 flatteners even though it was released 6 years ago.

More than 1,500 ladies stopped into Amazon after purchasing and left reviews that show an overall 4.55 stars out of 5. To say that this flattener / curler provides show-stopping, runway model looks is an understatement. It functions as an excellent curler as well, holds and delivers constant, even heat, feels good in your hand, and the results are stunning. Users with even “really thick, frizzy, wavy, curly hair” said their prep time before straightening was more than cut in half, and the end result was more than they had ever enjoyed.

If you usually have to go through the rituals so many ladies perform just to get ready to style your hair, you can now skip many of those timely steps. In the past, with inferior flattening irons, many women had to wash their hair, blow dry by sections with a rounded brush, then go by small sections of hair with a flattening iron. Several passes were needed to get the desired result, and if it was humid or muggy outside, the effect died almost instantly.

Not so with the internet’s best-selling Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron. Shower, towel dry, and “CHI” your hair, a single pass, and you have straight, glossy hair that looks like you were born with it. 15 minutes tops, and regardless of the outside weather conditions, it stays ALL DAY! Most users remarked they did not need any frizz control product or serum, and it works equally well on gray hair, which is sometimes too brittle for conventional flatteners.

Straightening, flattening, curling and flipping are all easy with the swivel cord design. You can worry about your styling rather than a tangled, bothersome cord. And if money is tight, don’t worry. You will pay less for the Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron than you will for an inferior product at your local discount warehouse. Not having to spend money over the years in improvements, since it was dead perfect the very first time, the manufacturer can pass those savings on to you.

You will spend around $90, which is over 50% off. With all that extra paper in your purse, why not pick up some CHI Straight Guard Smoothing Styling Cream or CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray that was specifically designed to work hand in hand with the Farouk Chi flattener? You will still have enough to enjoy a night on the town showing off your new style, and more importantly, you can count on the Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron to provide years of eye-catching, beautiful hairstyles.

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Best solar pool cover reviews- 2016

Best solar Pool Cover

My wife and I bought an Intex Easy Set inflatable above-ground solar pool cover this summer and it’s been a blast!

It’s only 15′ round by 42″ deep, but it’s still fun to play in and we love it.

In addition, I’ve made some modifications to the pool that I thought some others might enjoy seeing (or doing themselves) so I put up this page. But first a few helpful tips on setting up this pool:

Setting up an Intex East Set Solar Pool Cover

  • Make sure the ground is level. At least around the perimeter of the pool. If it’s not, you risk a seam popping due to uneven loading. Take the time to level the ground, it’s much harder to do later if you don’t.
  • Very carefully go over the ground looking for any nails, rocks, sticks, etc. Take the extra time to do it now, you’ll be very glad you did later. We even took off our shoes and walked around barefoot trying to feel for any rocks.
  • Really… that’s about it. Everything else was easy and the pool filled in about 4 hours without any trouble at all.

Okay, our modifications:

First thing I did was buy a solar blanket for the pool. The cover that comes from Intex is fine enough, but it doesn’t really hold in the heat like a solar blanket does. The solar blanket raised the temperature of the pool by over 15 degrees F!

Next, I bought a KD floating pool skimmer. The Intex does not have one, and so you have to constantly use the hand skimmer to get the junk off the top of the water. If you don’t have any trees around, it’s not a big deal, but we have a huge pine tree with all those little needles and so it was important for us to get them out.

The Intex filter and pump are very nice and quiet, but being the man I am, I wanted more. So I bought a 25 square foot cartridge filter and 1/2hp pump to “really clean it.” Works great!

Bought a floating hammock and mesh lounge. Really nice!

Bought a Hayward AquaBug automatic pool cleaner. This works great, except for the fact that the 1/2hp pump just didn’t have the power to keep it going consistently.

So I upgraded to a 3/4hp pump.

After doing that, the Aquabug runs like a champ! Boy does it go! I can’t believe such an inexpensive automatic pool cleaner works so well, but it does. In just an hour, the whole bottom of the pool is perfectly clean.

However, when I went to the bigger pump for the pool cleaner, it now had too much suction for the skimmer and so it was constantly overskimming, which allowed all the caught stuff to get free.

So what I did was tap in to the drain fitting on the opposite side of the pool and piped it over to the new 3/4hp pump via a T and valve. This way, when the AquaBug is running, I close the valve and the AquaBug gets full suction.

When I’m not using the AquaBug, I open the valve so that some of the suction force of the 3/4hp pump is now diverted to the drain and the skimmer works perfect again. 😉

Well that’s about it. This was our first above ground pool and the Intex is a blast. In fact, we had so much fun this year that next year we are going to get a bigger one and build a deck around it!

Why Get a Solar Pool Cover

If you own your own pool, you know it can be a joy to use but a nightmare to maintain. That’s why backyard pool maintenance is such a hot industry and explains why there are so many vendors hawking pool solar covers on the Internet.

How do you decide if you need one and if so, what to consider before you purchase?

Hopefully this guide will be helpful in your research.

First of all, what are pool solar covers exactly?

These are pool covers that protect your swimming pool from the elements–be it leaves, bugs, dust, or even curious toddlers.

What is so special about a pool cover that is solar?

A solar pool cover adds an extra element of heating to your pool. With special construction materials, these covers act as passive pool solar heaters, harnessing the energy and heat from the sun to increase the temperature of the water in your pool.

Why would you want to do this?

If you’re like most people, you probably work during the day when the hours are light and the pool water is warm. By the time you get home, however, the sun has disappeared and your pool will be much cooler.

So, what happens if you want to go for a relaxing swim after a hard day’s work?

You could, but you would have to endure the cold water.

With pool solar covers, however, your pool will still be nearly as warm as it was during the day during prime usage hours and you will be able to enjoy the water much more so.

An added bonus of solar covers for inground pools is the energy efficiency. The best solar pool covers use absolutely no energy to heat the pool, unlike an electric or gas heater.

While there are several pool solar heating systems available, these fancy gadgets actually use solar panels to collect and store energy and are thus much more expensive. Pool solar covers, on the other hand, are much cheaper to make and therefore to afford. And you won’t have to add on any extra maintenance on the very thing that you were using to maintain your pool!

For cold climate users who still enjoy swimming in their backyards, pool solar covers are an absolute must.

Even with the sun out it can be quite cool temperature-wise, and a solar pool blanket will prevent the wind from chilling the water, and trap in any heat that attempts to escape. On of your best investments you could make for your pool are in solar covers.

Most of the best rated solar pool covers are much cheaper than traditional and fancy heating systems that require energy, and instead work passively to harness energy from the sun.

They can keep your pool warm throughout the day so you can enjoy it even when the sun has set. At the same time, you will be able to lower your pool maintenance costs with a protective pool cover and also extend the usage period of your pool.

Pool solar covers are easily one of the better investments you can make.

Should you buy solar pool covers?

You can often find discount deals on good quality pool solar covers near the end of the swimming pool season, which usually coincides with the end of summer or fall depending on your location.

Swimming pool solar covers are an excellent addition to any pool as they provide an environmentally friendly solution to retain and possibly even increase water temperature for comfortable swimming.

Though you may hear stories of how solar covers may be as much hassle themselves as maintaining a swimming pool, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

A common complaint, especially for larger inground pools, is the tedious process of covering and uncovering. Larger swimming pools will require at least two people to do the job and can become quite tedious when performed every day before and after pool use.

Solar Cover Reels

Solar Cover ReelsHowever, a great solution to this problem is to buy swimming pool reels.

Swimming pool reels are designed to augment pool covers by providing a hassle free flip-of-a-switch automation to cover and uncover your pool.

Reels can automatically retract in minutes and save you from being overburdened so you can quickly enjoy your heated pool. There are reel solutions for above ground pools as well.

Depending on your swimming pool configuration, you need to choose the proper pool cover reel to match.

Inground Pools
A traditional inground pool must be matched to a cover reel that sits low to the ground. Such reels are widely available and usually sit on wheels or coasters so you can easily move them around.
Above-Ground Pools
If you have an above-ground pool, you will need a swimming pool reel system that attaches to the edges of your pool. These will not have wheels on them, instead they will come with a latching system so you can secure them on the pool rails.

Another variation in solar reels that makes them quite handy are electric powered ones.

An electric pool cover reel system is usually costlier and requires more work to set up due to electrical safety requirements. However, these pool cover reels provide the most painless solution to solar blanket folding and unfolding

A manual reel is great for smaller pools since it won’t take much time at all to unreel and you will be doing your part to reduce your energy consumption and Carbon footprint.

Factors to consider when buying the best solar pool covers

When shopping for solar pool covers, be sure to pay attention to the quality of construction. The difference between a good and bad material can affect the life of the cover as well as a large difference in heat retention. This would possibly mean the difference of a few degrees heat in your pool.

The color is a big indicator of whether the manufacturer has designed the solar cover to trap heat well.

Darker colors tend to protect against heat better than light or even opaque, but get it too dark and it may have the opposite effect and actually keep your pool cooler. This is why the most popular solution by far are semi-transparent covers.

The best semi-transparent solar pool covers allow the sun’s rays to pass through the cover into the water. The blanket then prevents any evaporation of heat off the surface of the pool.

Preventing evaporation not only keeps the water temperature warm, it also acts as a water retainer so you will be saving water as well as energy at the same time.

The thickness of the best pool solar covers is another point to check for when you shop among discount quality manufacturers.

Leaders like Intex have designed solar covers that are thicker and as a result are better at what they do. They also last much longer.

However, the trade off is usually an increase in price as it uses more material and therefore costs more to produce.

If you closely inspect the design, you will notice varying shapes and patterns in the solar blanket.

Common designs include standard bubble wrap-like bubbles, hexagons, and even diamonds.

Though the sizes vary and manufacturers may claim higher effectiveness with their design, there is usually no attributable difference to shape so be sure not to get sold on this “premium” when you shop.


Best Decking Material Reviews- 2016

best deck material

Beautiful decking is one of the best things you can do for your home. Installing decking around your home can add natural beauty, warmth and desirability, and has to be one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to deciding on the style of your home.

Decking is durable, hard wearing and good looking. And stunning decking will add value to your home as well.

But there are a lot of decisions to make before you can finally settle on the perfect decking for you. Do you want wood decking or would you prefer composite decking? What’s the difference between wood decking and composite decking?

What look do you want to go for on your deck?

Do you prefer the warm, natural beauty of wood decking or would you prefer the more modern look of composite decking? Or perhaps the durability and strength of vinyl decking combined with it’s other advantages?

What style and color will work best with the furnishings you have in mind for your home? What will match the curtains? What color or look do you feel most comfortable with?

There are a lot of decisions to be made before you get started on your deck.

  • What grade of wood decking will you select?
  • If it’s vinyl what look will you go for?
  • Have you considered Trex decking and do you know what their decking is?
  • What are the maintenance requirements of the different types of decking?
  • What are the comparative costs?
  • What differences in look are there?
  • Are you going to install your decking yourself? It’s perfectly possible to do and will save you money.
  • What do you need to know? What skills do you need? What tools?

There are all these factors to consider – and then some more. You’ll need to find out all about it and to have all the information at your fingertips before you make any decisions about the perfect decking for you.

IPE Decking – Rated The Best Decking Material In The World

IPE decking is pronounced ee-pay and is the finest wood decking that you can buy. It is made from extremely dense wood with tight grains.

  • IPE decking is usually a deep rich brown color although some pieces of the wood can display red and amber hues.
  • It has the hardness of 3600 pounds and is the highest rating decking material against insect infestation.
  • IPE decking is resistant to decay and carries a 100-year lifespan.

decking materialsYou can get IPE wood decking in either air-dried or kiln dried varieties. If you want to use IPE decking material outdoors, then it is best to buy the air-dried IPE decking.

If you use it inside, it will shrink, so it is intended only for outside use.

It is also possible to use this kind of wood decking indoors.

Kiln dried IPE is suitable for inside uses because it will expand in this environment.

When you are planning to install this wood decking, IPE decking experts advise that you allow it to sit for a few days first so that it can get acclimatized to the temperature of the surroundings.

You should also allow room for ventilation on the deck so that the wood decking will remain stable in the ground.

IPE Wood Decking is seriously hard stuff, and that’s good.

IPE decking is extremely hard so you will need a premium carbide tipped saw blade for cutting the planks of wood.

When you have to drill holes in the IPE wood decking, it is better to use brad point bits or fastner bits because these will give you cleaner holes.

How to install IPE decking

When you receive IPE wood decking, IPE ships it with a clear wax seal on the endgrains so that there won’t be any end checking. When you have to cut the ends of the decking, you need to seal the fresh cuts that are exposed within 24 hours.

You can buy this sealant when you buy the decking and one quart will be enough to seal 500 sq. feet of wood decking. You simply use a paintbrush to apply it.

There are three methods you can use for fastening the IPE decking to other structures.

  • There are plastic clips that you can buy that fit into slots on the edge of the wood decking.
  • IPE allows for a stainless steel screw to be then screwed into the joist. This method of fastening IPE wood decking is the recommended method because the other two require installation from the bottom of the deck.
  • The other method of fastening IPE decking is by using face screws. With this method you countersink the screws into the face of the wood decking and the finish screw method, which also affects the face of your IPE deck.

When you are installing IPE decking, you should allow 1/16-inch gaps between the boards. This is so the water can drain off and that the wood decking will have room to expand.

In addition, the gaps in the decking allow the air to circulate properly. Before you apply a finish to the IPE wood decking, you should test it out on a small piece of scrap material first.

Some oil and water based finishes will not dry properly on this wood decking. Ask your retailer about the recommended finishes before you go to all the work of installing IPE decking and then not be able to enjoy it.

Vinyl Decking- Most Durable Decking Material

Vinyl decking is one of the best and most durable decking materials you can ever buy when. It is much like the US Postal Service – neither wind nor rain nor snow will damage it 🙂 .

In addition to these characteristics, vinyl decking material won’t crack, warp or blister from the heat of the sun. It is therefore the best decking material for outdoor use.

The durable PVC construction will keep it looking like new and you won’t ever have to paint or stain it. Vinyl decking doesn’t rot so you will never have to replace one of the planks.

Although vinyl decking material is more expensive than wood, it will last a lifetime. You have no danger of small children getting splinters in their hands or feet or of hurting themselves with nails that may have worked loose.

Vinyl decking also provides you with a permanent worry free deck. The only work you have with vinyl deck material is installing it. Then you can sit back and enjoy it for the rest of your days.

An occasional washing will keep it clean and when you use the best cleaners for vinyl you will also prevent any buildup of mildew on the decking. You can easily sweep it with a broom and your garden hose will do fine for washing.

And it doesn’t look like a vinyl deck

The vinyl deck material comes in the same color of wood so it looks just like you have a wood deck. It is also available in white, beige and grey, if you prefer another color.

  • Even in the hottest days of summer, the vinyl will remain cool to the touch.
  • Vinyl decking is environmentally friendly. It is not harmful to children or pets
  • if you ever decide to take the deck off your house, vinyl decking material is 100% recyclable.
  • The raised rubber traction makes the vinyl slip resistant, which is why many people prefer to use this as the decking material of choice around their pools.
  • Unlike wood and concrete, you won’t hurt yourself as badly if you should fall on a deck made from vinyl material.
  • It increases the aesthetics of your home and because the vinyl deck material is expensive, it also increases the value of your home.

With vinyl decking, you can get the railings to match so your have perfectly coordinated deck.  You will need to have a wood deck frame and the starter boards for the vinyl deck need to be long enough to cover this wood frame. You can also allow for a 3 -inch overhang.

Installing vinyl decking

When you start to install vinyl decking, always start at the edge closest to the house.

Use the stainless steel deck screws and center them in the plastic slots that come with your installation kit.

The decking boards are tongue and groove so you won’t have any problem fitting them together. If you have ever installed vinyl siding on your home, you won’t have any problem building a deck with vinyl decking.

Wood Decks – A Traditional Way To Add Spice To Your Home

Wood decks are the best additions to any home. You can locate wood decks anywhere you wish. You can have the wood deck separate from or attached to your house.

There are many different designs of wood decks and many different kinds of wood that are well suited as deck material. When you look at the many different plans available for wood decks, you may decide to become creative and create your own design.

You can build wood decks any size that you want. You can also get wood deck plans that include areas for barbeques and planters as well as a fire pit or a heater.

If wood decks are properly built they are easy to maintain.

Redwood is a popular wood for decks because it is rot resistant and ages to a beautiful color. You can also paint or stain the deck to match the color of your home so that they become part of the architectural design.

Wood deck plans offer you all sorts of options

Some of the wood deck designs include raised decks, patios, balconies and roof decks.

Patios are usually wood decks that are low to the ground, while balconies are similar to roof decks in that they are cantilevered designs for the upper rooms of the house.

When you are looking for wood deck plans, lumberyards carry all kinds of plans. They also carry kits that include everything you need to build the deck from start to finish.

The Internet is also a good source of wood deck plans and designs. You can purchase plans for wood decks, but there are many sites where you can download all the wood deck plans you want for free.

You can even view pictures of wood decks to get an idea of the different wood deck designs and based on these photos you can design your own by incorporating features of several decks into one.

The plans help you to have the deck that you want and still stay within your budget. By completing the deck yourself, you save money because you don’t have to hire a contractor. It is also a good weekend project for you and your buddies.

The use of wood in building a deck has become increasingly popular because of the availability of lumber that is resistant to all kinds of weather.

Cedar and redwood are the two main types of wood used in wood decks because they are resistant to some types of insect infestation and they last a long time.

They are also soft woods, which makes them easy to work with when using wood deck plans and designs. Treated lumber is not recommended for wood decks in areas where there are small children and pets because the chemicals used in the treatment could be harmful.

Consider The Advantages Of Plastic Decking To Beautify Your Home

Plastic decking is a composite material for decking of which plastic is one of the components.

Other components of this decking material include reclaimed wood. Several different types of plastic can be used in plastic decking, depending on the manufacturer. Some use recycled plastic, while others use virgin plastic.

Plastic decking not only makes best use of recycled materials, but is one of the longest lasting and best decking materials you can buy.

Plastic decking has significant advantages to some other types of decking materials.

The wood used in plastic decking varies more than the type of plastic. Quite often, this is how your recycled plastic pop bottles are used.

The wood used in making plastic decking material is usually in the form of fiber or sawdust.

Manufacturers of decking plastic that use polypropylene mix it with oak.

Others prefer to use waste wood, while others prefer using cedar when making plastic deck material. There are also decking materials made from vinyl and this is often lumped under the title of composite decking.

A plastic deck is a safe deck, and a low maintenance deck too.

best decking material Even though there are additives in plastic decking they are not dangerous like those in pressure treated lumber. This makes this decking material quite safe to use where there are small children or pets.

The additives are included under high pressure and heat. The surface of the plastic decking material is then brushed with a coating to give it the natural color of wood.

Note: Vinyl decking is 100% plastic. But most of the decking plastic does contain some wood.

All plastic deck material that contains wood will weather over time and change color, but only slightly.

Best Low Maintenance Decking Material

When you use plastic deck material for your patio, you will have very low maintenance with it.

You don’t need to stain or paint it, although you can if your wish.

You won’t ever have a problem with rot or insect infestation because this material is resistant to both.

The only problem that you may encounter with using plastic decking is that if you don’t wash it regularly, it is susceptible to mold and mildew.

If you do decide to paint or stain your plastic decking material you should use a high quality oil-based paint or stain. However, once you start doing this, you will have to continue because the color of the decking plastic will fade.

Our Verdict

Although plastic decking can be somewhat more expensive than wood, you should look beyond the initial investment.

This decking material will outlast you and your house, which is something you can’t say for wood decking.

The only investment you will have to make is the purchase of the decking plastic and the only time you will have to spend on it is a regular washing. With plastic decking you have more time to enjoy your great deck and your family.

Composite Decking Material

Composite decking not only adds to the appearance of your home, but it is also low maintenance.

When you use composit material for your decking, you have a deck that won’t fade from the light or heat of the sun, one that is safe for children because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and best of all, you have durable composite decking.

Because of these valuable qualities, composite decking can maintain its beauty and color for years. Composite decking is an extremely wise choice in decking.

You will never have to paint, stain or seal the deck when you use composite decking material. Composite decking is resistant to rot, so you will never have to replace any rotten planks or worry that after a while someone may fall through.

It is easy to care for composite decking material to keep it looking new year after year. You do need to periodic cleaning when you use composite material for decking.

Power washing works really well as does any cleaner intended for general use. You may have to use rock salt or calcium chloride to melt the snow and ice off the decking if you live in a northern climate.

Composite Decking Looks And Feels Good

It doesn’t matter what color of composite decking you choose. The color will stay vibrant and even during the hottest part of the day, it will stay cool to the touch. This is because composite decking material is composed of highly reflective color pigments to help it resist fading in the bright sunlight.

Composite decking is made using recycled wood and pure polymers and this creates a strong material that is well able to withstand the elements of the weather.

In contrast to traditional wooden decking, composit decking is splinter free. It is also slip resistant so you there is no danger of someone slipping and falling because of a slippery deck.

In the winter months, you will have to keep it free of ice and snow if you don’t want any slippery patches, but salt will do the trick without harming the composite decking material.

Composite decking is not only suitable for patios, but is one of the widely used materials for pool decking and boat docks. The patented process of making this composite material ensure that your deck will not show the signs of wear and tear that are normal in the spring.

If you are worried that your composite decking material may become mildewed, you should wash it down on a regular basis with a cleaner containing sodium hydrochlorite. If your deck is near trees, you should clean with this type of cleaner even if the composite decking looks clean after each wash.

Mold and mildew can build up in small cracks where pollen, dirt, grass and leaves are present. The old adage applies when it comes to cleaning composit decking – It’s better to be safe than sorry. With very little work composite decking can actually outlast you and your home.

Trex Decking – Get The Best Of Wood And Plastic

Trex decking is made from a combination of reclaimed wood and plastic. The use of plastic helps to protect the wood from moisture and makes the decking resistant to insect infestation.

The wood in Trex decking keeps the plastic from being damaged by the UV rays of the sun and provides a natural look and feel to the composite decking.

With Trex decking, you have low maintenance because you won’t have to do any painting, staining or repairing.

Trex composite decking is different from traditional wood decking, even though it is made from wood.

Some of the fantastic features of Trex decking that will allow you to use your deck for a lifetime include the fact that it will not rot and is splinter free.

You can get this decking in three different finishes

  • Smooth
  • Hardwood
  • Wood grain

There are also seven different colors for you to choose from. When you look at the Trex decking prices, you may be inclined to choose a cheaper decking material, but you do need to think of the long-term use you will enjoy when you have it installed.

Why has the color of my Trex Composite Decking changed?

When you install Trex decking, you may notice that it will change color a bit after 10-12 weeks. This is because of the exposure to water and sunlight. This is the amount of time that it takes the Trex composite decking to adjust to your environment.

Some people do not realize that it will change color slightly and complain that for the high Trex decking prices, they did not expect this to happen.

However, this is a natural process and does not weaken the composite decking in any way.

Trex retailers usually do inform their customers that this will happen to avoid any problems after a few months.

Most decking retailers carry Trex composite decking. If you cannot find it in your local area, you can order it online of even call the company’s toll free telephone number.

Why we like Trex Decking

Best Bang for your Buck
Trex decking prices are competitive with other brands of composite decking on the market and this decking is better than traditional lumber because of the impressive features that it brings to your deck.
Easy Installation
You don’t need to have any special tools to install Trex decking. It is just as easy to work with as wood and you don’t need to have a special saw blade as you would with IPE. This is one of the reasons many homeowners like the Trex brand of composite decking.
Incredible Durability
Trex decking will not shrink or swell due to moisture, but changes in temperature may cause slight swelling.

However, if you allow gaps between the boards from side-to-side and at the end joints this will allow for thermal expansion and contraction.

You can paint or stain Trex composite decking, but you don’t need to do it for protection. If you do want to change the color of the Trex decking, the Trex experts recommend that you use quality latex paint and solid colors.

Gutter brush reviews- The best gutter cleaning tools in the market

Best gutter brush reviews

There’s no question about it. One of the worst parts of home maintenance is cleaning out the rain gutter. I am yet to meet anyone who says that gutter cleaning is adorable

Not only is it physically exhausting by having to climb up and down the ladder all around the house, but digging out wet leaves and other debris that have accumulated over the months just plain… stinks.

I can remember one time last year I made the mistake of using my bare hands to grab all the gunk out of the gutters on our home. The next thing I knew my hands smelled like rotten sewage for the next 2 days!

Sure, you can call out the gutter cleaning companies to do it for you, but at what cost?

Fortunately, there is an easier solution that will put a stop to having to constantly clean gutters.

Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

When it comes to gutter cleaning tools, the last several years has seen more of these gadgets than ever before. Some are pretty good designs and work as advertised, while others don’t fair so well.

In this article we’ll take a look at a few of the best gutter cleaning tools to help make the task of buying one a little easier on you.

#1 Gutter Brush Review

The Gutter Brush not only reduces the time spent on gutter cleaning, but it saves you money and is so simple and easy to install and maintain.

gutter brush reviewsOut of the many types of gutter protection systems available today, the gutter brush is hard to beat. The ease of installation, which requires no tools or skills, makes it possible for anyone to set up.

The costs are low when compared to other systems, and the brushes will fit any size and type of rain gutter.

Reviews on Amazon have been very positive. The gutter brush carries a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, and users have commented on how well the brush works, as well as how durable it is and how good the performance is.

Built to Last
One of the biggest advantages of the gutter brush over other types of gutter protection or gutter guards is in how flexible it is to use.

Similar to the old fashioned pipe cleaners, the material bends to fit all types of gutter channels and around corners. The polypropylene material of the brush is built into a galvanized steel wire and also UV coated.

It’s designed to last for many years to come. You won’t find yourself having to replace it 5 years from now. That’s nice peace of mind for sure.

Fits all sizes of rain gutters
The gutter brush is also designed to fit every type and size of gutter used on homes today.

They have a standard size that fits 5″ channels and can be used in vinyl, aluminum, copper, PVC, galvanized or stainless steel gutters. If you have the larger 6″ gutters, that’s no problem as well, because they make gutter brushes to fit those also.

Fits all length of rain gutters
The length of your rain gutters is not an issue as well. Gutter brushes come in multiple lengths to fit all sizes, regardless of whether you have need for just 30 feet or 3,000 feet and more.

You simply order enough to fit the total combined length of your gutters.

The GutterBrush comes in various sizes of 30 feet, 45 feet, 60 feet, 120 or 135 feet. So it’s very easy to simply order the lengths you specifically need.

Quick and Easy Installation
The single biggest issue with most all gutter covers or gutter protection systems is installing them.

Many have to be installed by drilling holes or inserting screws. Others have to have precision cuts to fit perfectly. You’ll need all kinds of tools and expertise in order to install them properly. Well, there’s something to be said for “simple”. And that is what the gutter brush installation is.

You do not need any tools, nor do you need to have carpentry experience or be roofer in order to install it.

You do not have to modify the roof or mess with the gutters at all.

Finally, you do not need to spend an entire weekend getting it put in place. In fact, for the average sized home, it will only take only an hour or two at most. This is not like trying to install the gutter helmet, gutter guard or other type of gutter screen that requires an enormous amount of time and installation skills

Easy Maintenance
Maintaining gutter brushes is quick and easy.

You simply lift them out of the gutter channel and shake off any leaves, twigs or other debris. Set them back down when finished and that’s it.

What you will most likely find in many cases is that the sun, wind and other weather elements will actually blow the leaves away, or they will naturally decompose, to where you do not even need to clean them at all.

Cost effective
It’s hard to argue the cost effectiveness of this type of system. When you sit down to look at it and compare it with the various options you have in gutter leaf protection systems, you’ll see the value in a gutter brush.

There’s no more having to pay for gutter cleaning or shelling out thousands of dollars for a gutter leaf guard system, not to mention the added costs for installation.

GutterBrush Q&A

Q. What is the GutterBrush and what is it made out of?

A. The Gutter Brush reminds me of a sort of oversized pipe cleaner so to speak. It has stiff bristles made of polypropylene that are attached to flexible a 12 gauge galvanized steel core. The bristles feature double UV protection and are designed to provide many years of affordable and effective use in preventing clogged gutters.

Q. How does this type of gutter guard system work?

A. Each 3 foot section of Gutter Brush has stiff bristles that provide you with 24/7 year round protection by keeping leaves, twigs, animals and debris out of the gutter channels, and allowing rain water to flow freely through your downspouts.

Q. Will it fit all sizes of rain gutters?

A. Yes, the standard size fits all 12″ gutters and you can also get the Gutter Brush for oversized 15″ gutters as well.

It works for aluminum gutters, vinyl, steel, galvanized, copper, PVC and any other types. Gutter Brush

Q. How easy is it to install?

A. One of the nicer aspects of using this type of gutter protection is in how easy the installation is. Keeping clean rain gutters has literally never been easier.

You simply place each 3 foot section down inside your gutter or eaves. Continue to place them along the entire gutter path.

There are NO special tools required and NO skills needed to complete the installation. When you get to the end of the gutter and have extra length of Gutter Brush you only need to fold over the excess brush into itself to get the perfect fit.

It easily bends to go around corners or angles.

Q. Can I order the length I need for my home?

A. Yes, you can measure the lengths of your gutters that you want to protect and order the Gutter Brush in amounts of 30 ft. – 45 ft. – 60 ft. – and 120 feet increments.

Be sure to order an extra 5-10 feet more than your dimensions so that you have enough on hand for bends and curves, as well as any other issues that may come up.

Q. Why should I use the Gutter Brush?

A. This is a common question that many people have. The dangers of gutter cleaning and using the many different gutter cleaning tools can not be overstated.

Slipping or falling off the ladder is one of the leading causes of home accidents, injuries and even deaths.

In addition, hiring a relative or someone else to clean your gutters opens yourself up to liability issues in the event they have an accident, not to mention the added costs of having them cleaned out twice a year.

Left unchecked, clogged gutters can cause roof problems with rotting fascia, soffits, siding, as well as damaging your landscape, foundation and basement.

With the GutterBrush there’s NO cutting necessary. There’s NO screws or holes to have to drill. NO drilling or cutting into the roof. There’s no extra weight placed onto your gutters to have to be concerned with support. Not to mention… there’s no maintenance as well.

Finally, the Gutter Brush is much more affordable and easy to use than other leaf guards, gutter helmets, screens, filters and other systems.

Q. What happens with all the leaves and debris that gets caught in the bristles?

A. Don’t be surprised to see leaves or other debris on top of the Gutter Brush, but the wind will blow most all of it away.

The leaves and other debris that might be caught in the gutter guard bristles will eventually either blow away due to the airflow of the bristles, or the sun, wind and rain causes it to self-compost and wash away down the downspout.

The important thing is that the gutters will not become clogged.

Q. I get a lot of pine needles and maple seeds where I live. Won’t they create a problem later on?

A. If you live in an area that sees a lot of pine needles, seeds or even acorns, they will not clog your home’s gutter system with the Gutter Brush. The bristles hold them in place where the wind either blows them away, or the sun and rain cause them to decompose.

Rain water will continue to flow through your gutter channel or eaves troughs as usual. Again, they simply will not clog.

Q. What about costs?

Prices on other rain gutter protection systems such as the Gutter Helmet, Leaf Guard and other gutter guards can cost thousands of dollars and are simply unaffordable.

That’s another big advantage to the Gutter Brush, not only does it work well in keeping your gutters flowing freely, but it is very affordable as well. You can find the prices on the various lengths by clicking here:

Q. Will the Gutter Brush be seen from the ground? I don’t want anything to detract from the looks of my home?

A. Unlike gutter covers that hang over the gutter and are often unsightly, gutter brushes are designed to fit inside the gutter channel.

For a very low level home, you may see just the tips of the bristles. But in homes with gutters that are 10-12 feet above the ground, you should not see them at all. It’s designed to be a very low profile system, which is something I like.

Q. Will installing the GutterBrush mean I’ll never have to clean rain gutters again?

A. Your gutters will remain clear and free flowing after installing the Gutter Brush, but in the unlikely event you get a piece of debris stuck in the bristles, all you need to do is remove the section and shake it out with your hand.

It’s very quick and simple to do.

Q. How do I know what size of Gutter Brush I need?

A. If you do not know the size of rain gutters are on your home you can quickly find out by taking a tape measure and measuring from the back of the gutter to the front lip of the gutter.

In most cases it will be 5-15 inches, but you may have longer inch gutters.

Once you know your size you can easily order what you need. Q. Where can I get the Gutter Brush? A. You can order it directly from Amazon and have it shipped right to your door. There’s no having to go to the home improvement center or trying to load it into your car. It’s completely “hassle free”.

Our Verdict~ Highly Recommended

Cleaning rain gutters will be one less headache with the GutterBrush. It’s easy to install and more importantly, it does what it says it will do.

We highly recommend it as a way to reduce gutter cleaning costs and increase the overall performance and efficiency of your gutter system.

gutter cleaning brush #2 Gutter Scoop

You can find this available in various brand names and models, but they all work pretty much the same. It’s made of plastic and features a handle attached to a scoop.

The scoop itself is as wide as your rain gutter channel and you simply work your way down the length of the gutter and scoop out all of the debris clogging up your gutter.

This type of gutter cleaning tool is actually pretty good. It eliminates getting your hands all wet and filthy by having to scoop everything out by hand, and it holds up pretty well to many uses.

gutter guard brush#3 Gutter Getter

This is another unique gutter cleaning tool that features a long handle with a pointed blade to pull the leaves and other debris towards you.

The handle adjusts outward to around 8 feet.

The big advantage here is that you can clean out large areas of your gutters at one time without having to go up and down the ladder as often to move it down the side of your house.

gutter brush reviews #4 Gutter Sense

This is yet another handy gadget that attaches to any kind of pole. For example, a broom handle or leaf rake handle. The Gutter Sense is used from standing on the ground, which is much safer, and placing the “tongs” on the handle. Then, you lower it into the gutter and grasp the debris.

I’ve not used this device, but it does look interesting. I plan on giving it a try this fall and I’ll update this page to let you know how well it worked.

Other types of gutter cleaning tools can range from something as simple as a garden spade to scoop up debris, to using a leaf blower while standing on your roof. I don’t recommend that due to the increased safety risk, but many homeowners do this.