Social Biz Connect Kenya Reviews: Exposed Scam, Pyramid Scheme or the Real Deal?

How to make money blogging in Kenya

Update: SBC has moved to recruiting members through another company- Internet Marketing Africa. Please, beware in case you receive online job offers from Internet Marketing Africa. I have openly spoken about SocialBizConnect in other forums and have been called a ‘hater’ for my criticism. But are my assertions that SocialBizConnect is a scam baseless? No. […]

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Who Needs an MBA (or any Degree) When You Have Hustle?

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This post isn’t just about MBAs (master of business administration), it’s about higher education in general. Some folks don’t have access to it; it’s expensive, exclusive and the Kenyan system isn’t built for everyone to have the opportunity. It’s my hope that after this post, the attitude around what a degree means changes in relation to one’s […]

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