Hello Freelancers, Online Job Seekers and Internet Marketers!

My name is Patrick Kihara Mahinge, accomplished freelance writer, blogger, online entrepreneur and founder of Blogscheme.Com, which is the number one resource center for freelance and other online jobs in Kenya.

My reason for running this blog is simple.

I want to help you make money online.

The tips I share on this blog are applicable to students who just left form four, college students as well as civil servants and other employed folk who want to supplement their monthly earnings with an online income.


Do You Need Training for Online Jobs in Kenya?

Do you really need training on how to make money online or can you just fire up your computer and start working online?

I strongly believe that you require training. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire me to train you on how to make money working from home

#1      Avoid Online Scams and Frauds

The desire for online jobs in Kenya is real but a lot of us do not know where to start. There are scammers out here waiting to swallow you and your wallet live!

Without the proper training, you will only flounder and lose money online.

I was once there. I lost money registering for a lot of  ‘trainings’ that never really addressed what I was after. I learned how to make money online the hard way, and swore that I would use my experience to teach other Kenyans about how they can win genuine online jobs.

For the past few months, I have been offering my lessons free of charge to all the students who registered before 25th March 2014! Unfortunately, the demand and resources required for a thorough training cannot let me continue the free lessons. I have therefore decided to start charging a small fee of 1,500/= to anyone who would love to start earning money online through internet marketing, freelance writing and a variety of other online jobs.

#2     I Offer the Most Comprehensive Training on Online Jobs

When you register for my premium lessons from Blogscheme, you get a free access to the following modules:

  • How to kickstart your online writing career and command staggering pay from clients
  • How to write bids and proposals that win you more clients every time (e-book included)
  • Train you on how to successfully run your blog, get more traffic and make money blogging
  • Join my team of Elite Freelance Writers and Get Writing Jobs from Me
  • Design Your Blog With Free Premium Theme Included!
  • And finally, show you how to take your writing career past working for clients. Work for yourself, publish books in Kindle and get lifetime royalties.


#3     Up to Three Weeks of Support

Unlike other online job trainers who leave you to fetch yourself once you are through with the training, I ensure that I have guided you until you are making money online.

I believe in acting and acting fast. I grab the bull by the horns. I seize every genuine opportunity that rears its head at me, and I have never regretted it! I am impatient and I don’t believe in waiting for things to happen. I want to make them happen now!

Luckily, I know I am not the only one who feels this way. It could be many months before you garner enough information to launch your online career if you are only relying on my free online jobs lessons. A lot of people are registering for the premium lessons. We will soon have the whole of this year covered with the premium lessons. If you don’t like waiting, this is the time to register for your premium lessons.

Call, Whatsapp or Text me on 0710 251 380 or use the form on the sidebar to register now.