My Experience with Non-Native Writers

I started offering my services as a professional freelance writer on July of this year. As I got accustomed to the ins and outs of the freelance writing industry, I became appalled by what I called the native-bias phenomenon. Clients from countries where English is first language seemed to be predisposed to hiring only writers from countries where English is also the first language. I almost gave up bidding for freelance writing jobs in elance. What was the need if my bid would always get sidelined?

 At first, I thought that this was an unfounded prejudice against non-native English freelance writers by ignorant clients. That was until I started getting loads of freelance writing work and decided to hire writers from the unprivileged countries to assist with handling some of the writing assignments. I have particularly been fond of hiring freelance writers from Kenya but honestly, I had to swallow my words back after my experience with the non-native English writers in Kenya.

  • A lot of freelance writers from countries which do not speak English as a first language have trouble expressing themselves in the language.
  • I have hired and fired writer after writer after seeing their shoddy work. Misused vocabularies, poor grammatical constructions, lack of creativity in the creation of copies all characterize their work.

If you are a freelance writer in Kenya who has trouble writing as well as the native-English writers do, I propose you take a break from vying for jobs. Take a creative writing course during this time. Attend writers’ webinars, read a lot and even write more. Start a blog where you can practice writing. Getting into the market simply because you have heard that freelance writing is where the money is will not do any of us good. I will personally be starting a free online writing course. You can take advantage of the limited-time free offer by joining my mailing list.

The Problem with Non-Native English Freelance Writers


Here are my observations of what might be killing the talent of non-native English writers.

  • Writing entirely for the search engines

One of the things I have noticed about non-native English writers is that they tend to write entirely for the search engines. They care more about infusing keywords in the copy than they care about the ease with which the audience will have reading the copy.

I have said it time and again. There is nothing like SEO writing. This might aghast the SEO mavericks out there, but it is simply the truth. Whether you are writing copy for article directories or for a client’s website, you just can’t afford to have it read like hogwash. Think about the person who is fetched the article directory copy by the search engines. S/he is looking for an informational and readable copy. If the first sentence does not captivate them, there is no way they are going to read to the end where the resource box is placed. A client would have lost a possible lead.

  • Writing for content mills

If you want a writer who delivers work like an automated mill, try hiring a Kenyan freelance writer. Many of them will submit work within the hour! This is characteristic of a person who is used to writing for content mills. I have written an article about the benefits and disadvantages of writing for content mills that you can read here. If you have been writing for content mills that demand you submit so many articles per day, take a break and try writing for a client who is not rushing you with their projects. You just might be able to revive your dying muse.

  • Taking jobs from the wrong writing niches

I will be surprised if there are any freelance writers in Kenya who have even discovered that there is something like specializing in a particular writing niche. A lot of writers will bid for any job that is advertised.

Taking jobs from whichever niche is advertised affects your freelance writing career in two major ways.

Firstly, taking writing tasks from niches that you are not familiar with will make it harder for you to deliver a professional copy. You might deliver by blubbering and beating around the bush but a client will notice this and ultimately take the job to a more able freelancer. Secondly, being a Jack of all trades tells clients that you are a master of none. This predisposes them to offering you low rates.

  • You are not cut out to be a freelance writer

There is money in freelance writing. A lot of it. This tends to draw in every Tom, Dick and Harry who has access to a broadband modem, a computer and a low-level familiarity with the English language. The result is an overflow of non-native English writers who do not have an understanding of what it takes to be a writer.

Unfortunately, clients do not want to know whether you have a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism or whether you can write better than John Grisham. Once a poor Kenyan freelance writer has given them shoddy work, the client will group us into one big bracket. We are non-native English writers! We cannot write if our lives depended on it. If we can write then we do not deserve professional rates for our services. If you are the type of ‘freelance writer’ committing these sins, it is never too late to change. Start by joining my mailing list for my free online freelance writing lessons. It will definitely change the way you view freelance writing.

My Beef with SEO Copywriters

So, you are an SEO copywriter, sounds like such a sexy title, doesn’t it? Imagine springing it on your new catch.

“I am an SEO Copywriter,”

You then lean back and watch them as they get bewildered by your big title.

Well, I have got news for you. No, I actually have got beef for you. I hate SEO writing with a passion. I honestly want to believe that there is nothing like SEO writing. This is probably because I am more of a natural freelance writer than an SEO maverick. I will never write for Google Penguins, Pandas, Hummingbirds or any other animal that Google may decide to let loose from their zoo in the future. There is no room in my company for writers whose main aim is to write for the search engines, too.

“But what do you do when a client has given you specific keywords to use in the copy?”

Go ahead and use them but make sure that the keywords sound natural and that they do not break the flow of the copy. I call it unobtrusive use of keywords. I am for instance optimizing this article for the keyword ‘SEO Writing’, but you won’t notice me springing it here and there in a way that will make you want to gag. The flow is natural. The copy is readable. You will not even notice that I was using any keyword in the article. This is good SEO copywriting. What even makes it better is that it is written for real users, not for the search engines.

Good SEO writing invites third parties to link to your content! Clients that I have worked with (yes I do work with clients, not for clients) love this kind of SEO. They may at first complain that the copy is not well optimized for their keywords, but believe me; most of them come to thank me later when they start getting unsolicited backlinks from authoritative sources!

Apart from my rather passionate dislike for SEO Writing, there is another reason why you should be worried if you are still calling yourself an SEO copywriter and using the old tactics to try to rank. The place of SEO writing as you know it is on its deathbed, thanks to a rich history of updates on the Google Search Engine algorithms.

The Place of SEO Writing After Updates on the Google Panda, Penguin and the Hummingbird

A few years ago, having as many keyword phrases on your copy was ideal to getting ranked on top of the search engine result pages. It was the only way that the Google algorithms could know what your website was about. As a result, there was so much low quality and duplicate of content especially by internet marketers who were fond of using manufacturer descriptions to sell the products. Then came the algorithm changes and they started scampering about like frightened sheep.

The Day the Panda Came Calling

Google Panda laid emphasis on unique content. Internet marketers and affiliates who relied on manufacturer-descriptions took a big hit, never to recover again. Many opted to start new websites and blogs and populate them with fresh content and buy bundles of cheap third-party links to regain their glorified place on the top of the SERPS. Keywords were still a big deal even after the Panda updates, and in the quest to getting ranked SEO writers overused misused keyword phrases to an extent that content on their pages was nothing but a mumble-jumble of their chosen key phrases. Google became wiser.

Google Penguin Tries To Straighten Things Up

After the Panda failed to instill a sense of direction on the quality of web content, the bright brains at Google went back to the zoo and came back with the Penguins. They became the watchdogs for over-optimization and unnatural linking. Web copies that were merely jumbled keyword phrases took a big hit, and were buried in the deep abyss of SERPS.

The Google Hummingbird Sings a Sweet Hum to Internet Users

If webmasters were worried about the Panda and Penguin updates, the Hummingbird should be a reason for them to shit in their pants! Although the effects of the Hummingbird are still to have any significant impact, it is believed that they will be a complete game changer as the emphasis is shifted from keyword phrases to trying to answer user queries.

My Conclusion

I honestly believe that Google deserves a standing ovation for doing away with emphasis on keywords and striving to lay emphasis on content that is user-centric. The cyberspace was fast filling with crap that nobody wanted to read. Webmasters are being forced to optimize content for readers as opposed to optimizing it for search engines. The emphasis on valuable content that can be shared in the social media such as Facebook or Twitter means a lot to businesspersons who have always shunned away from blackhat SEO tactics.

P.S. If you would love really quality content that is valuable to your audience, don’t hesitate to hire me in elance.

Does Duromine Weight Loss Pill Work?

Any serious person who is looking to lose weight should consider making the Duromine weight loss pill a part of his/her weight loss regimen. It is one of the few weight loss pills that do not let users regain weight after they have stopped using the pill. A lot of Duromine users also report little to no side effects resulting from the use of Duromine weight loss pill.

However, if you are looking for a slimming pill that makes you lose weight fast, be warned that Duromine is not such a pill.

With its popularity and general likeability, the general question that many users want to know once they start using the pill is exactly what it is and how it works.

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How Does the Duromine Weight Loss Pill Work?

According to credible information from research and the manufacturers, Duromine works as an appetite suppressant. In layman’s language, what this means is that Duromine Weight Loss Pill works by releasing certain chemicals into the brain. These chemicals suppress the appetite.

To prevent the drug from falling into abuse like so many other off-the-shelf weight loss pills, Duromine is strictly a prescription medicine. It is often prescribed to individuals who are obese. Combined with exercise and good eating habits, the weight loss pill works like a charm to deliver a slimmer body within no time!

How Long Does it Take for the Duromine Weight Loss Pill to Work?

It takes Duromine weight loss pills an average of 3 months to show results. If after three months of using Duromine you are still having obesity problems, it is advisable to stop using the drug for a period of three months before resumption of the dosage.

The ultimate goal of any weight loss pill is to make users shed off the excess flabs of fat while presenting them with the least side effects. Unfortunately, the weight loss and fitness industry has been infiltrated by so many pills that promise to give users the ultimate perfect trim model body. In more than one instance, this turns out to be an illusion. One pill has however stood the test of time. It is the Duromine weight loss pill.

Where Can You Buy Duromine Weight Loss Pills?

One of the best places to buy duromine weight loss pills is the Amazon.Com e-store. As you can see from the widget below, there are a lot of slimming pills that contain Phen375 that you can choose from. There are also a few advantages of shopping in Amazon as opposed to the other e-commerce store. Amazon offers free delivery on most of the items it ships and is absolutely fraud-free.
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At the time of writing this article, Duromine Weight Loss Pill is available around the world and can also be purchased online. Click on this link to buy Duromine from the official suppliers, Phen375

What are the Benefits of Using Duromine Weight Loss Pill over Other Weight Loss Capsules

1. Long and Trusted History
Unlike many weight loss tablets, Duromine Weight Loss Pill has a history of curing obesity that dates back from 1969. This makes it among the most trusted weight loss prescription tablets.
2. Varying amount of Phentermine
Duromine is available in a variety of capsules each containing varying amounts of Phentermine according to the severity of the obesity that a patient is suffering from. It does not offer a one-fits-it-all approach to weight loss.
3. Limited Side-effects
Since Duromine weight loss pill works by suppressing appetite without necessarily interfering with the other core functions of the body, there are little to no side effects associated with the use of Duromine.
4. No Undue Need for Stiff Exercises and Workouts
Although it is highly advised that you should make exercise and workouts a part of your lifestyle, Duromine weight loss pill will work to reduce weight even without punishing yourself with strenuous exercises.
5. Guaranteed Weight Loss Within 2-3 Months
By keeping a good combination of proper diet, exercise, rest and Duromine Weight Loss Pill, users can be sure of perfect results within the span of three months.

5 More Things That You Need Before You Start Amassing Online Wealth

Today I would love to share with you a few more things that you will need to get under your belt in order to start making money online in Kenya.

In the next few weeks, I will also be sharing fantastic and genuine ways in which you can make money online in Kenya. I will also be exposing a few other ways that can only make you peanuts and others that will actually earn money from you. But before we major into the meat of it, here are a few things that you will need to have in order to start making money online in Kenya.

  • A stable and Consistent Internet Connection

I strongly believe that if you want to maximize the amount of money you earn online, a stable and consistent internet connection is a must have. You simply cannot afford to be a hit and run kind of an internet entrepreneur. It will only ruin your online reputation when clients email you with new job offers and you take eternity getting back to them. To make sure that you are constantly connected, think about investing in a modem from one of the telecommunications providers in Kenya and a laptop.

  •  Time, time and time

Time is the other thing you cannot afford not have if you are enthusiastic to make money online in Kenya. Every internet entrepreneur that I know of in Kenya concentrates solely on their online business. A lot online ventures require you to dedicate a lot of time towards making them happen. You will basically need at least 3-5 hours per day to earn a supplemental online income. If you do not have the time, please don’t even think of earning money online, you will only get frustrated.

  • Attitude, Passion and Perseverance

Having the right attitude is directly proportional to your success as an online entrepreneur! You will need to shed off your pessimism. You will need to strongly believe that you can earn enough online money to sustain your expensive lifestyle. You will then need to work towards making this happen. Patience and perseverance will be paramount in this, but this won’t be a problem if you have already acquired the right attitude.

  • Skills

There is no easy money online. The guys in Kenya who earn big actually do it from selling their skills and services. I personally earn most of my income through freelance writing, and with an average online income of over 80k, I have no qualms in referring to myself as an accomplished freelance writer. Other freelancers make money by blogging, graphic design, programming, transcribing and a milliard of other jobs that are available online. The bottom-line… discover what you are good at doing, what skills do you possess? After evaluating yourself, find online jobs that suit your skills. You will be surprised by the amount of opportunities that exist in your skills-area.

  • Personal Blog and Other Promotional Tools

I will assume that by now you have discovered what you can do and what you cannot do. You have analyzed your skills and are ready to launch your online career in Kenya. However, you will need a means of promoting yourself. A free personal blog suffices for many newbies, however, if you want to appear professional I’d advice you to start off with a custom domain. It is cheap and easy to set up.

Click here to get a free domain name ( and web hosting for less that $2.00.

Apart from starting a blog, you may also want to set up a professional twitter account, Facebook fanpage and other professional social media network accounts. These will help you in promoting your services online and ultimately lead more earnings.