The Journey to Owning a Website Starts With Selecting a Web Hosting Company- Find Out How

Your presence on the web is facilitated by a host. There are several web hosting plans available. A web host is the one who carries the domain registration and hence the domain name for your website. Various web hosting plans come with varying offers for service discounts, charges and terms in general. You need a host to carry out the usual chores any business does on the internet. One of the possible web hosting plans is free web hosting.

The Right Web Host

Finding a webhosting partner is not as hard as it used to be a few years back. What remains painstakingly tricky and difficult is to find a free web host that meets you at the point of need. In other words, it is a daunting task to really identify a web host who will help you achieve your short and long term objectives. You need a host who can handle your website dynamics such as heavy traffic during certain hours and user support for dedicated internet apps such as the efficient workings of emails and chatting mediums.

The Many `Attractive Suitors’

There are thousands of webhosting sites which promise all manner of service and discounts. They all claim to feature minimal downtime hours and promise to guarantee an ever present support or your hosting need. However, experience has often demonstrated that most of these firms bite much more than they can chew and swallow. It is imperative, therefore, for users to do a thorough background check before they commit to any dealings with webhosting advertisements. You should always remember the old adage that warns you about the often misleading impression of what glitters. Indeed, not all that glitters is gold. An independent background check is always your most effective way to get under the skin of any entity you wish to engage. You need a reliable webhost who will be responsive to your needs irrespective of whether your business is small or a giant revenue spinner.

Why You Might Change Your Web Host

You may have discovered, late in the day, that your web host has begun to short change you in several aspects of web hosting service. Some issues that may cause serious concern for clients on the web include poor customer service, limited storage space or insufficient bandwidth. However, it has been noted that the business of searching for the next web host who can provide you with satisfactory service often deters people from moving on. Consequently many people are stuck with webhosting services they are not happy with.

Tips on How to Choose an Appropriate Web Host

The secret behind successfully identifying your dream web host depends on whether you can clearly map out an effective and reliable web host. Some significant aspects you should look out for include

  • The online email brand: it needs to be a short email address. Short emails are eye catching and easy to use. As an email user for business success, you need an email that stands out clearly from the rest of the pack. It needs to be unique and easy to remember. It should bear an element of the business you do.
  • Free social media versus free website: There is always a dilemma when it comes to deciding where you need to post your product and service ads. This is the point where you need to put your evaluation cap on and choose the course that will reap the highest returns for your business. Social media, on one hand comes with the chance of spreading the news of what you do beyond the traditional spheres you can think of. Yet it is not an automatic perfect marketing tool. A number of factors can influence just how effective the social media advertising turns out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Web Hosting Companies

What Is Web Hosting?

A web host is an internet based service which enables clients to post their websites on the internet. In other words, without a web host you cannot own a website or post content for clients to access on the internet. The storage and transmission of your content is done on special computers called servers

 What Are The Limits Of Web Hosting Support?

One of the common questions clients ask concerning the dynamics of web hosting is where the boundaries of web hosting support begin and end. Whereas most of the web hosting issues will always have a solution lying somewhere, it does not mean that a single web host holds the panacea to all web hosting maladies. Clients should also note that web hosting support forms part of the internet infrastructure but it is not an end in so far as internet operations are concerned. In other words some of the problems you might be experiencing may not fall within the domain of web hosting.

What Kind Of Web Hosting Do You Need?

There are many web hosting plans available. Some of these include free web hosting, dedicated server service, and shared servers, among many others. You can opt for one that suits you most.

How to Tell Whether a Web Hosting Review is Genuine or Biased

Choosing the best website host is a daunting task, not only for the enthusiastic website owner who hopes to partner with the best players on the market but also for the critical web host reviewer who only needs to pit one against the other for rating purposes.

The confusion is brought about by the thousands of web hosts most of whom advertise to offer similar services. Consequently, the reviewer has limited tools with which to measure a web host’s acceptability on the market. Indeed the promises that some website hosting reviewers offer on their landing page may not necessarily be fulfilled. It is therefore a fallacy to use such a parameter to rank or rate them.

The greatest burden however lies on the you as you try to establish whether a given web hosting company is the best.

Rating Is a Necessary Burden for Website Identification

It has become imperative to delve deeper into the actual performance of website hosts in order to provide the consumer with the necessary information concerning the best website hosting services.

Such information will not only assist the budding businesses but also protect them against losing money unnecessarily due to lack of information or blatant misdirection by unorthodox hosts and reviews. In order to identify the best web host, it is imperative to highlight the parameters to be used to gauge the strengths of a number of front runners.

The Criteria for Web Hosting Rating

In assessing the performance of the top five web hosts, the rating was based on reliability, ease of use, speed matrix, the level of support and the cost of being hosted on such sites. The following web hosts scored favorably on the mentioned parameters. It must be noted that the performance matrix of web hosts may vary over time. There is no guarantee that a particular host will maintain and sustain the same level of great performance.


The Controversy Following Reviews

The general trend for most website review reports is that they soon become a subject of hot debate.

It is understandable, given that the reviews appear to give some entities an advantage over others. However, it should be noted that an objective review does not even contemplate the effect of their review in mind. The best web hosting reviews are well researched and are usually a non partisan statement of the performance of a particular web hosting service or product.

A reviewer worth their salt does not fall into the temptation of misrepresenting facts for the sake of hoodwinking prospective customers to think in a particular way. Such reviews would be unfortunate and misleading.

Your Best Web Host May Change Over Time

The other factor that makes it excessively difficult to gauge web hosting services is the fact that the services offered by webhosting companies can change. Performance and delivery of service at a given rating is not carved on stone. It may improve or deteriorate. Moreover, a review may only base its comments on a limited aspect of service delivery, yet there are aspects which an entity delivers expertly and efficiently .Such an aspect may be serving a certain select group of users in a remarkable way.

Discerning Objective and Biased Reviews

It is also expected that in a free market , the entities which may not have been given limelight on popular review platforms will form cahoots to respond and viciously criticize reviews which do not favor them or blatantly seem to suggest that their competitors are doing a better job. Others will individually respond to criticism with unforgiving dismissals and denials. Readers should therefore develop a discerning eye to gauge the merits of arguments posted whether in a review or a response to one. In most cases it is practically impossible to tell whether a response or indeed even a review comes from an interested party. However, a view of the facts stated including the tone will easily provide cues on whether one is genuine or not.

The Top Five Webhost List

The websites that found their way into the top five positions based on the criteria mentioned are

  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • dreamHost
  • WP Engine

It should be noted that the rating was particularly based on the user’s actual experiences with the web hosts. The most salient features of performance were tested by users and feedback collected independently. There were other factors that were considered including the performance of sites that offer shared web hosting.

User experiences were paramount in this regard. Such comments as those from long time users  who have had true life experiences with the various sites was a conspicuous ingredient of the review.


The quest for identifying the best web host will inevitably be resolved by reviews. Biased reviews appear to launch attacks against specific entities in a generalized or specific way. Usually, an independent and objective review will hardly focus on the undoing of a set of companies. Objective Reviews will usually be based on hard data that compares the trends and leaves the judgment bit to the reader.

Webhosting Companies and Options in Kenya

The growth of the internet in Kenya has been steady over the past few years. The private sector has taken a lead role in ensuring that the wheel of global internet growth keeps moving in the country. There is a tremendous increase in the number of businesses which are interested in establishing their presence on the internet.

Kenya, and especially Nairobi, has consequently witnessed a phenomenal growth in the quality of local web hosting firms.

Web hosting has also become more affordable as more players join the fray. There are several webhosting companies which offer an array of services in Kenya. Yet, the country’s potential for internet growth supersedes the level of business entities by far. There is plenty of room for new entrants to make an impact.

Some Top Web Hosting Companies at a Glance

  • Peak And Dale

A web host is more like a rented storage space for your files and apps. There are several web hosting options available for interested users in Kenya. Some of the daring and controversial options for hosting include

  1. i.                    To Buy Your Own Server

Buying your own server allows you freedom. The freedom includes your total control over what you do with it.

However, buying your own server does not solve all your problems like a magic wand does. Owning a server is a tall order in its own right. As a server owner, you need to maintain it constantly.

You also need a technical team that will create the necessary infrastructure to keep you present on the web.

The controversial bit of this option is the fact that it is an expensive venture. Most companies can simply not afford to put up and maintain a web server. The technical challenges are obviously digressive to the core business of the company. It is best to leave the development and maintenance of servers to people who are dedicated to this course.

  ii. Contract a Web Host for Pay

A Glance at Some Notable Webhosting Firms in Kenya

Since webhosting services are still limited, it is possible to cast your eye across the available web hosting firms. Some of the notable players on the Kenyan Market include

 Peak and Dale

Peak and Dale webhosting Company offers web hosting services to Kenyans at pocket friendly rates.

You are also guaranteed seamless customer support that ensures reliability and security for your web hosting needs. The web host provides services for a wide range of users including those on Linux and Windows computer operating systems.

Users have the opportunity to choose from an array of web hosting plans that suits their operations, budget, and type of business. Like other world class webhosting companies, you are promised 99.9 percent runtime availability.

Peak and Dale Web Hosting On Linux

Some of the available service packs and plans available on Peak and Dale include a 520 MB space that comes with

  • 5GB bandwidth,
  •  unlimited sub domains
  •  five email accounts

The 1000 MB plan entails

  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited sub domains
  • 10 email accounts to your credit

The 2000MB space plan

This plan comes with

  • 20GB bandwidth
  • unlimited email accounts
  • unlimited subdomains

The three plans will cost you Ksh 3800,Ksh 7000 and Ksh 1000 respectively per annum.

The Linux Hosting Comes With Several Other Features

  • Guaranteed and seamless support
  • Powerful spam filters
  • Several web based email pop3 accounts which come with automatic responders
  • Mail lists
  • Guaranteed continuous uptime
  • Backups instantly available at your request
  • ftp accounts
  • file manager on the web
  • MySQL databases
  • languages and many scripts

In addition, the company offers some free and discounted services for users who wish to migrate from other hosting platforms. If you are moving from another host, you are promised free file transfers and free database relocation.

Safaricom Smart Biashara Hosting

The Safaricom Business web hosting is one of the players who have laid a strong claim on the web hosting market in Kenya. The company offers several webhosting plans that span the range of needs especially for business enterprises in Kenya.

They stand out because of their tailor made features which have been developed to serve the business needs of Kenyan users. Yet, the company sports state of the art technical equipment and advanced technologies that match the best on the global market.

Starting from as low as 599/= per year, Safaricom web hosting is definitely the best web hosting for small business owners in Kenya.


Kenya is marked as one of Africa’s most dynamic market in terms of information technology. It is a rising star in a region that has largely been receiving a lot of negative publicity from the media platforms and internet news channels.

The level of internet connectivity in the country is enviably high, a fact that has been boosted by the populations unrivalled interest in emerging technologies especially in the cellular phone market. The arrival of Smartphones phones has provided a suitable launching pad for Kenyan internet users to cruise and surf in unprecedented numbers.

5 Incredible Tips for Landing More Freelance Writing Jobs

Today I would like to share five super tips that will help you win high paying online jobs in Elance and oDesk. Remember, no matter how much information you cram in your head, if you do not make a point of taking action you are as good as the person who doesn’t know anything at all.

Elance and oDesk are two of the most promising places for online jobs in Kenya. If you have access to a computer and internet connection plus loads of time on your hands, you should try launching a freelance career in Elance and oDesk.

But what does it really take to turn freelance writing into a source of income that is not only sustainable but also constant?

  • Bid for jobs on a daily basis
write proposals and bid for jobs on a daily basis in Elance and odesk
Bid for jobs on a daily basis

You are probably considering the world of freelance jobs because you probably graduated from college and have been tarmacking with little success.

You have probably grown tired of dropping your CV’s to employment bureaus in Nairobi.
Welcome to the other type of tarmacking, only this time, you can do it at the comfort of your home or the office where you are doing your internship, if it has an internet connection.
I would be lying if I tell you that you will get jobs on your first twenty proposals. Employers have this fear and distrust for beginners.
It is the same everywhere, online and offline. Keep bidding for jobs, and soon enough, you will land your first job after which, winning jobs will be a smooth sail if you keep doing it right.
I have actually discovered that a lot of freelancers fail on oDesk and Elance because they never bid for jobs or they do it the wrong way.
Both Elance and Odesk give you specific number of proposals that you can send per week or per month. For oDesk, there is a maximum of 25 proposals per week while Elance allows for 40 job proposals per month. Divide this number by the number of days that you need to work and send that amount of proposals daily. Make sure you exhaust the number of proposals you have set to send each day.
  •              Write laser-tailored and awesome job proposals
write better proposals in Elance and odesk to win freelance writing jobs
Be awesome when you write your bid proposals

Your proposal needs to be laser-tailored to the freelance job being advertised. If for instance the clients wants an article about bitcoins, do not send a proposal that simply says, “I can do this job”…

What I usually do when I am writing my job proposals is assume that I am a very enthusiastic salesman trying to sell a commodity that I know absolutely rocks and will undoubtedly add value to my prospects life.
I awe the client with my language, I try to tell them why they should really let me handle their project as opposed to any other freelance writer.
I tell them how awesome I am and how they would have made a bad decision if they do not pick me for their project. I try to be as awesome as I possibly can when I am writing my proposals, and guess what? 99.99% of the time, it works!
I have also written a FREE guide that will teach you how to write better proposal. Click on your favorite social media icon below to reveal the download link
[sociallocker id=”36″]Download the Winning Proposal Here[/sociallocker]
  •  Stay online

    stay online if you want to win freelance writing jobs in Elance and odesk
    Stay online!
Honestly, I have not seen a freelancer who has grown their career when they are offline 50% of the time. This is not a chances game. It is not even a hit and run affair.
Let me give it to you straight, if you do not have internet access through a computer for at least 12-24 hours daily, forget about wanting to make an online income through freelance jobs.
You have to invest in the most bareback computer and modem if you want to get to the point where you can rely solely on freelance jobs for your income.
  •  Go for what you are most talented in

    freelance writing jobs are not the only thing you can do.
    Practise and perfect your field

One of the freelance fields that always has a flood of open jobs is freelance writing. But does this mean that we should all flock here?


Don’t force yourself into a job category that does not suit you.

Freelance jobs come in many categories including admin and support, graphics and design, web design and programming among others.

Choose one that you believe you can perform optimally and stick with it.

  • Do not give up
freelance writing jobs demand that you do not give up
Whatever you do, don’t give up.

You might have heard of that miner who after digging a trench for miles and miles, finally gave up while the gold vein was only a few inches on the other side of the tunnel. Whatever you do, do not give up!

The job bid that you would have placed tomorrow was probably the application that was gonna win you the first job on Elance. There is money in freelancing. Other people are banking it all the time. Why shouldn’t you?

Lastly, make sure that you have joined my mailing list for even more detailed tips and sources of online money in Kenya. Do not forget to leave your comments below. They keep me motivated to keep sharing these tips with you. Thanks for reading, and you are welcome again and again.

How to Make More Money Online With Bubblews and Get Paid Whenever You Want

Hey there,

As I promised, here comes another online money making tip. It is a little social sharing network known as

What is Bubblews.Com

To put it very lightly, Bubblews is a social media sharing site, which pays you for posting your thoughts and getting them viewed, commented on and liked by other users on the platform. The more your posts are viewed, the higher the money you get to earn.

It is absolutely free to join Bubblews. I have personally been a member of Bubblews since last year November and I am able to make more than $200 on a very good month. You can have a look at my profile and account here.

I will be sharing with you tips that you can use to make more money from Bubblews in a future tutorial. One thing that you should however keep from doing is oversharing your content on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This can lead to the banning of your account.

How Do You Earn Money on Bubblews.Com

There are several ways in which you earn money from

  1. Posting updates
  2. commenting on other people’s updates
  3. When you content get viewed
  4. When your content get liked, and
  5. The bubblews business partnership program

Is Bubblews.Com a Scam Site

The jury is actually still out on this. There is widespread debate about whether Bubblews is a scam site. You can read some of the observations and reviews about it here.

As per my opinion, Bubblews is quite legit if you follow all the rules of the platform. Mostly, if you are oversharing your updates on other media updates, your account will get banned and you will not get paid.

Some users have complained that Bubblews lets you withdraw only the first $50.

However, if you observe all the rules of Bubblews, I am that you will never get banned and you can continue earning an online income from Bubblews. I have been using the platform since November of last year and I can give you my word on this.

How Much Money Can You Make From Bubblews

You can make as much money as you want from Bubblews. It depends with the people who are following you and how active you are on the website. The highest I have made from Bubblews in one month was $200. This is despite having not that many followers and only logging into bubblews to comment on other people’s status updates for 30 minutes per day only.

Do I Need a Website to Register for Bubblews?

Absolutely not… There is a section that requires you to input your website url as you register, simply ignore this and fill out all the other relevant details.

In fact the only two things you need when registering for Bubblews is a valid email address and a Paypal account.

Make sure that the email you use to register for Bubblews is the same email you use for your Paypal account.  You do not need to panic however. If you overlooked this, you can always edit your account to make the change.

Click here to register for Bubblews now.

How Much Money Can I Make From Bubblews?

We all want to know what an opportunity holds for us before we commit ourselves to it fully.

At Bubblews, the amount of money you earn depends on how active you are in the platform. Here are some of the few things that you should try to do on a daily basis

  1. Post at least 10 updates everyday spaced out at least one hour each. This ensures that your posts get maximum visibility. One thing to note, always make sure that you do not post copypasted stuff. This will get you penalized! Also ensure that your content is at least 400 words long.
  2. Connect with at least 20 Bubblers per day
  3. Comment on at least 10 Bubbles (posts per day)
  4. Share your referral link at least twice on Social media networks
  5. Avoid sharing your own posts more than twice on any social media accounts
If you follow these suggestions with the strictness of the ten commandments, you should be able to earn at least $5 per day, which means that it should take you at least 10 days to get to the minimum payout of $50!

How and When Will I Get Paid By Bubblews?

Bubblews has a minimum withdrawal balance of $50. Once you get to this amount, you can withdraw your money through Paypal. The cash takes 3-5 days to get to your Paypal account.
If you are predominantly active in Bubblews, it should take you less than 10 days to hit the $50.00 payment threshold.

Are There Any Other Websites Like Bubblews

I have heard of other sites that operate like Bubblews but I have not tried all of them. Some of the sites I have heard being mentioned include Redgage, Teckler and Squidoo.

I have not used any of these and cannot give you my word on them. The general consensus out there however is that they pay less compared to Bubblews.

Another site that works like Bubblews, but requires more mature content is Hubpages.Com. I have been a member of Hubpages for more than one year now but has never earned a cent from it. The only reason why I still submit my content to Hubpages is the exposure it gives me online.

As we continue to grow together, I will teach you how all these sites work and how you can make a living from them. I also cover this information more deeply in my ebook which shall be available from the 15th of March.

Are You Interested in Joining Bubblews?

I believe that you now have the information you need to decide whether you would like to join Bubblews. What I can tell you is that this is one of the most lucrative online income opportunities that you should not ignore. It worked for me, it can also work for you. Only make sure that you follow all the rules of the platform to keep your account from being banned. You can find more information about how Bubblews works here.

Working Online In Kenya. This is How I made 35K in February

Hey everyone,

This is the second series of my monthly online income statements. You can find out what I made in January from doing various online jobs in my first posting.

Basically, I have made an increase from 35k that I earned in January to 39k working online in Kenya! This is a proof that making money online is possible. It doesn’t matter that you are not in Silicon Valley; You can start tasting the joy of online income right here in Kenya.

Before, I give you the screenshot to my February Monthly income statement, I would like to show you Make Money Online.

Reasons Why You Are Not Making Enough Online Income

online income in Kenya

  • You Do Not Have the Relevant Information

Do you think you know all the various ways you can use to make money online in Kenya? Have you found which online income niche works best for you? The first thing you need to do in order to start making massive amount of cash online is to gather all the information you can get about making money online. You can find this information by joining my mailing list here.

  • You Do Not Have the Tools of Trade

Tell me how many businesses or employment opportunities are giving out a net income of 39k per month? They are absolutely very few, right? Yet, you take them seriously and get all the tools of work ready.

Why are you not willing to do the same for online income?

Here is the deal, if you do not have a computer and a modem, you can as well forget about making online income in Kenya. Making money online begins with the strong belief that it can be done.

Once you have this belief, you will not be so reluctant to make the investments required to start earning the money. I am honestly sick and tired of all those people who tell me that they want to make money online yet all they have is the Ideos Phone.

  • You Give Up Too Easily

Is this what is keeping you from earning enough cash online? Do you give up too easily?

Do you want to join an online income platform and earn $50 within 2 days. I am afraid it won’t happen. Like every other business venture, making money online requires patience.

You have to cultivate your online income streams until they get to where you want them to be.  You won’t join Bubblews and hit the payout threshold within the first two days! Making online income requires patience. I did not start earning 39K overnight. It has taken me about 6 months to get to where I am. Six months of constantly learning and improving.

  • You Are Not an Action Taker

99.9% of the people in my mailing list have all the information they need to earn more than 30k from doing online jobs. Yet, only 10% of them are making any money online.

There is a very simple reason for this. 90% of the people will read the information I recommend and never take action on it. There is not time like now. If you do not take action at the very instance you get the information, there is a very big likelihood that you will never take action. Stop being a procrastinator. Take action on the information you receive through my emails, and trust me, you will be earning three times what I earn in less than 6 months.

What else is preventing you from making enough money online. I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.

Here is a screenshot of the money that I earned in working on online jobs in the month of February. If the image is not large enough on your screen, click to enlarge it. In total I made $468.90 in February. This is roughly Ksh 38,918.70.

Would you like to know how I make the money? Join my mailing list now! I will send you tips that I guarantee will start making you online income immediately.


make money online in Kenya

KCSE Results 2013 Out- What Is Next

If you did your KCSE in 2013, you might be happy to note that KNEC finally released the KCSE results today after some delays. The release of the 2013 KCSE results however also marks a time in your life when you should sit back and reflect on what you really want to do with your life.

Whatever grade you got in the exams, you just cannot afford to relax. Life does not offer you that laxity.

At Kenyan Pridespot, we have suggestions that might prove workable for you. There are many jobs you can do from home and make money online. To get started however, you will need three things:

  1. Basic skills in using a computer including typing and how to use MS Office applications
  2. A computer
  3.  internet connection

If you have all these three, you are good to go! Join my mailing list here. I will show you workable tips on how you can make money online.

Students who sat for their 2013 KCSE in secondary schools that offer computer lessons are at an added advantage here since they might already have the basic computer skills.

This does not however mean that you cannot learn how to use a computer if the school where you sat for your KCSE exams did not have computer classes.

Borrowing from my story, I sat for the KCSE exams in 2005 in a district day school that did not even have the luxury of electricity leave alone computers but one week after doing my KCSE, I had all the computer skills I needed to start making money.

I did this by visiting a friend who had a music shop with a computer and started fumbling with the computer until I became ardent at it.

If you are interested in making money online, I recommend that you read this article about Make Money Online.

Some of the jobs that you can do to start making money online in Kenya include:

  • Data entry jobs
  • freelance writing
  • paid online surveys
  • Forums and blogs posting among others

Are you a candidate who sat for the KNEC 2013 KCSE and would like to make money online in Kenya? Leave your questions and queries in the comments section below, and I will get back to you asap.