Social Biz Connect Kenya Reviews: Exposed Scam, Pyramid Scheme or the Real Deal?

Update: SBC has moved to recruiting members through another company- Internet Marketing Africa. Please, beware in case you receive online job offers from Internet Marketing Africa.

I have openly spoken about SocialBizConnect in other forums and have been called a ‘hater’ for my criticism.

But are my assertions that SocialBizConnect is a scam baseless?


I have tangible evidence to prove that SocialBizConnect and its sister-in-scam Internet Marketing Africa will soon crumble and leave many Kenyans more financially desperate than they initially were.

Here are some of the key pointers that SocialBizConnect is headed for damnation even before it gets to its ‘official launch date’ on 30th April. Read them and don’t forget to leave your comments at the end of the post about what you really think about SocialBizConnect.

Remember My Fortunes Builder (MFB)

Kimathi Kamundeh SocialBizConnect and Internet Marketing Africa
Kimathi Kamundeh aka Lloyd Kim

A few months ago, Kimathi Kamundeh a.k.a. Lloyd Kim (pictured above) the founder of SBC Kenya was the mastermind behind another Kenyan scam by the name of My Fortunes Builder.

Like SBC, My Fortunes Builder Stole from Kenyans by inviting them to attend seminars for a business that was never going to launch.

The company was to launch on 7th January 2013. The problem is that it never launched as this banner (which is a screenshot of the now abandoned MFB website) indicates.

The ‘launch’ of My Fortunes Builder was preceded by the same hype that SocialBizConnect Kenya is experiencing and the same paid for seminars…

Then? What happened?

Only Lloyd Kim can answer this question.

However, a very inquisitive person can see how this works out. You are being invited for seminars in Nairobi. Seminars that teach you nothing you do not already know. Seminars that are the only thing you will ever get from SBC since the company will never launch.

Lloyd Kim is making money from you and your friends as you attend his prelaunch seminars. Good luck to you and your invitees if SBC ever launches.

The striking similarities between My Fortune Builder and SBC are simply undeniable. In fact, one could argue that the two websites are Siamese twins albeit with some idiotic twists like the Power of 4 becoming the Power of 5 in SBC.

And is it a coincidence that the two companies are launching at the beginning of the year when there are a lot of desperate Form Four leavers looking for online money?

Mr. Kimathi does not even deny that he was the architect behind My Fortunes Builder. But the scornful look you get when you probe into this not-too-distance past is enough to cow even the bravest of hearts.

I particularly sought to know what led to the failure of My Fortunes Builder and what measures have been taken to ensure that SocialBizConnect does not go the way of MFB but my questions were met with insults and sneers.

Of course a lot of Kenyans who are running to join SocialBizConnect do not even know there was such a company like MFB that stole money from Kenyans and went under.

Until Lloyd Kim provides answers to explain what he intends to do differently with SBC that he didn’t do with MFB, we can confidently assume that SBC is another scam.

In fact, it lives up to the trends that have been observed with all MLM scams. They die and resurrect as other companies offering even juicier online moneymaking opportunities.


SocialBizConnect is a Scam that Will Soon Crumble

You can easily recognize a genuine opportunity from a scam by simply stripping all the colourful ads and seducing dialogue from it. You can tell which is viable online opportunity and which one will only waste your time, energy and money. The barebones version of SocialBizConnect has all the pointers of being headed nowhere.

  1. The only way you can really earn money is by inviting people to the paid-entry seminars

No one is very enthusiastic to join the SocialBizConnect Business Club, which promises to pay referrers $6 for every successful referral.

Why would any businessperson pay $18 to place his ads on a platform that has zero members online at any given time? It doesn’t make sense more so considering that you can get some pretty more sales with Facebook ads at that monthly budget.

This leaves SBC members with only one viable earning opportunity- finding as many idiots as they can possibly do to attend the seminars where they charge 200/= at the entrance, something that is not very sustainable.

  1. The products that SocialBizConnect ‘Sells’ do not have a market in Kenya

Some of the MLMs manage to exist {and continue milking money from unsuspecting citizens} for a little while due to the irresistible nature of products that they purport to sell; products that make the promise of wealth, health or both.

SocialBizConnect has however tied a noose around its already frail life by trying to sell internet marketing products that

  • Do  not have a market in Kenya
  • Cannot outperform the established brands in the market

The products include autoresponders, ebooks {most of which are regurgitated PLR junk} and Microsoft Packages videos! Not surprisingly, MFB was selling the same-same products. I honestly thought that Lloyd Kim would learn from his mistakes with MFB and find some hot-selling products to build around his internet marketing scam. Too bad, and that says something about his reasoning…

Only a fool would keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

  1. The worst sales team in the world

Internet marketing deserves patience, an unfailing perseverance and strategy. Most of the people signing for SocialBizConnect are in it for the fast cash. They have idiotically trusted what the banners tell them. They do not know what market segment to target with the tools that Lloyd Kim is offering.

From the above points, there is only one conclusion to be drawn about SocialBizConnect. It is one of the poorest drawn multilevel marketing (MLM) scams to ever be construed. Even if it ever launches (which I am willing to bet it won’t as Kim is only interested in your seminar money) SocialBizConnect cannot survive for more than a few months without sinking…

The ball is now in your court. When do you think SocialBizConnect will sink? Leave your comments below.

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Internet Marketing Africa is a Scam: Here’s Our Unbiased Review

You are probably on this page because you have received a text message from someone who works for a company by the name of Internet Marketing Africa LTD that purports to operate from the 4th Floor of the Commerce House in Nairobi. You want to get answers and I can understand your thirst for information.

Is the company genuine? Can you make such huge amounts of money working online in a week, as the SMS said? Where did Internet Marketing Africa get your details, especially your phone number?

While I might not provide answers for all your questions, there is one thing that I know.

Jobs in Kenya are scarce, and not even the most philanthropic and humanitarian NGO in Kenya is inviting people to high-paying jobs from the blues.

In fact, from the very fact that Internet Marketing Africa has resulted to spamming Kenyans with unsolicited SMSes, it snugly fits into companies that are characterized as scams.

In this review article, I will provide you with information that you need in order to make an informed decision.

What is Internet Marketing Africa?

Internet Marketing Africa is a sister company of SocialBizConnect Kenya (formerly My Fortunes Builder). The company operates from Commerce House, Nairobi. The company is owned by one Kimathi Kamundeh.

A few weeks ago, SocialBizConnect was trying to recruit new members, just like IMA is doing. I wrote about SBC a few weeks ago and received all manner of derogatory comments and abuse for my criticism. You can read the viral post here.

After my exposure of how the SocialBizConnect Kenya cons the Kenyan youth hit the number one spot in Google, members of the pyramid scheme were advised to stop saying they were working for SocialBizConnect Kenya. Instead, they were to recruit members under the name of Internet Marketing Africa Limited.

What Does Internet Marketing Africa Do?

If you are going to work for Internet Marketing Africa, you surely need to know what the company does, and here comes the spoiler.

Internet Marketing Africa does nothing but invite members to training seminars for a small fee of 200/=!

The invitations are to seminars that teach you how to invite new members, and so the cycle goes. You are paid a small fee of 50 shillings for inviting new members to seminars.

In the process, Kimathi and cahoots pockets a cool 150/= from the members you have invited to their seminars. That will be your main ‘online work’ in Internet Marketing Africa.

Below are 5 reasons why there is more darkness than light in the operations of Internet Marketing Africa.

Is Internet Marketing Africa Giving Free Blogs?

 {Update- Since I wrote this post, Internet Marketing Africa have upgraded their website. Instead of the free blog announcement that used to greet site visitors, you are now welcomed by a few PLR articles about Network Marketing/Multilevel Marketing (MLM). Note how the website is still basic and lacks information about what the company does. The company is still to update their compensation plan, and for a very simple reason- They do not have one.}

Internet marketing africaThe first thing that hits you once you navigate to the {::poorly designed::::} Internet Marketing Africa website is the promise of a free blog!

Who wouldn’t want a free blog at this age when hosting costs an arm and a leg? Don’t fall for it. Once you click on that Free Blog Banner, you are greeted by a Hostgator affiliate page.

Kenyans know what a free blog means and we know when you want to make a few bucks from unethically tricking your visitors that you are going to give them a free blog only to lead them to an affiliate page.

This is super-wrong. It is malicious, scammicious and suspicious.   If Internet Marketing Africa really wanted to give online jobs to the Kenyan youth, they wouldn’t trick them into affiliate pages. In essence, what Internet Marketing Africa is doing is making money for themselves using the Hostgator affiliate link.

Internet Marketing Africa on Social Media

You would expect a company whose main focus is the youth to be having so much social media presence since it is in the social media where the youth hang out.

Internet Marketing Africa will however not have any of that. Their best shot at using social media channels to reach out to their fans is is to spam Facebook groups requesting for new and vulnerable members to join.

Their Youtube Video Channel is a joke that was ordered from Fiverr and shows white people who are apparently making money through Internet Marketing Africa. {:::white people:::}. Sorry, but I thought this was a Kenyan thing.   Social proof is one of the indicators that is used to gauge the trustworthiness of a company.

{Update- Internet Marketing Africa now has a Facebook page! Big news, huh!}

Internet Marketing Africa and SocialBizConnect are One and the Same Thing

If you are intuitive enough, you will notice that the calls to join SocialBizConnect Kenya have been declining by the day. Maybe they have hit saturation point. Or the members are taking a sabbatical, reenergizing and coming back to give you over 8,000/= per week!

I will give you another consideration though.

I exposed SocialBizConnect Kenya as a dangerous scheme that will steal money from Kenyans and go under. The expose went viral. When you Google SBC  or SocialBizConnectKenya, the first page you’ll probably come across is my in-depth review of SBC.

That means almost no business for the company.   That’s why Kimathi Kamnundh hatched and popularized Internet Marketing Africa to counter the decline of business in SBC.

There is no Information Available Online About the Company

This is one of the most obvious red flags about Internet Marketing Africa!

A company about internet marketing that does not have any information available online. Who are you kidding? Not even a website where Kenyans can learn more about the company. Not an about us page. Not a twitter account.

How do these guys then claim that they are doing internet marketing?

Open your eyes Kenya.

You do not need to fall for such crap!

If you ask me, the masterminds behind Internet Marketing Africa are the poorest schemers ever. How can you convince people that you will give them a free blog when your own blog/website lies in shambles?

Multi-level and Network Marketing are Dead

Internet Marketing Africa, and by extension SocialBizConnect Kenya are trying to revive a system of making money online that is long dead. There might have been times when network marketing and multilevel marketing were the shiz when it came to making money online.

Guys like Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy made a killing from MLMs and Network Marketing but unfortunately those days are gone.  The internet has wisened people up. The promise of a free blog and other regurgitated PLR ebooks, videos and other junk won’t work. If you are looking to make a killing working from home, Internet Marketing Africa is clearly not the place for you.

So, What Can You Do to Make Money Online?

SocialBizConnect and Internet Marketing Africa are scams. Nothing earth shattering goes on at the 4th Floor of Commerce House in Nairobi.

However, the fact that Internet Marketing Africa is a scam does not mean that you can make money online in Kenya.

Here are some of the genuine ways to make money online:

If you would like to start a blog that gives you money, kindly visit my homepage for instructions

If you are looking for a way to make money online that pays more than $1000 per month, you have to check out the Kindle Bestsellers Program!

This system is so easy that anyone who knows how to type can start making money instantly. I developed a training program that takes you through the whole process, step-by-step.

  • Join Bubblews

Update: Bubblews is no longer accepting new members. I have deactivated the signup link below.

Bubblews is a little known social network that pays you for sharing your updates, liking and commenting on other people’s updates. The system is best suited for a beginner. They pay you after you have made $50.00. Click here to join Bubblews now

  • Freelance jobs

If you have a skill (marketing, writing, graphic design, web design etc) you can join Upwork.Com or for free and start applying for freelance writing jobs.

Do not allow yourself to fall for pyramid schemes such as the one being run by Internet Marketing Africa. Janjaruka!

Mpesa Integration to Website: Learn How to Add Mpesa API to Your Site

I finally started accepting Mpesa Payments via my website! You can now pay for your favorite e-course or a web design project straight from this website. That is what I call a milestone

However, the journey to this point has not been an easy one. The difficulties I faced trying to integrate an Mpesa Payment Gateway on my website left me wondering why we do not have more developers investing in this area. At the least, Safaricom should come up with solutions on this but they seem to have left it to third-party developers.

JamboPay Mpesa Payment Gateway

One of the most popular online Mpesa Payment Gateways. Their downsides is that they charge an arm and a leg to have you use their Mpesa payment gateway. When I enquired about their services, they slapped me with a quotation that almost toppled me over.

Here is a screenshot of the email I received from them

How to Accept Mpesa on your website

To use JamboPay Mpesa gateway, you would need to pay at least Ksh 150,000 for them to setup your account. Clearly, JamboPay’s service are not for the small online trader or a struggling startup. I told them that much and headed back to Google to find a more viable solution.

PesaPal Payment Gateway

If you can forgive them for the lack of information/misinformation on their website, PesaPal are the guys to use for your online Mpesa Payments.

If your eCommerce store is built on WordPress, integrating with the PesaPal Mpesa Payment gateway is quite easy. There are several plugins available for free on the WordPress repository that make it very easy to start accepting Mpesa on your website.

  1. PesaPal Pay

Last updated on November 2014, the PesaPal Pay WordPress Plugins lets you collect payments via all the mobile money transfer services in Kenya. It makes use of forms and shortcodes [pesapal_pay] and [pesapal_donations] to collect payments and donations respectively.

The plugin is not very intuitive to use. Unless you know your way around coding, I would advise you try the other alternative provided below.

2.  WooCommerce PesaPal  Standard Payment Gateway

Last updated in July 2014 and downloaded 330 times, the WooCommerce PesaPal Standard Payment Gateway extends WooCommerce’s functionality and lets you charge for goods via Mpesa and other mobile payment services in Kenya.

I could not get this plugin to work on my website, and I finally gave up trying to use it.

I am not sure why the developer insists that you use demo consumer key and api during installation…

  3.  PesaPal Gateway for WooCommerce

This is the WordPress plugin that I ended up using on my online stores. It is super easy to use when you have WooCommerce installed on your WordPress website.

  • Simply download the plugin from the WordPress repository
  • Unzip it and upload it via FTP to wp-c0ntents/plugins.
  • Activate on your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to WooCommerce Settings and Click on PesaPal
  • Enter your PesaPal API Key and Consumer Secret and start accepting payments via Mpesa!

I actually tried it with a sample product that I created on my website, and it works like a charm!

Lipa na Mpesa Online

Safaricom actually have an online Payment Gateway where you can Lipa na Mpesa. This came as a surprise to me. However, I cannot understand why I have to call or email them in order for them to share the details of the application with me.

Lipa na Mpesa OnlineThose are the 3 online Mpesa payment gateways that I am currently aware of. PesaPal takes the trophy home. It is super easy to register for a Merchant account on their website and the available free plugins makes it a darling to work with.

With the PesaPal Payment Gateway, there is no reason why you should not be selling your goods online. Contact me today to set up a beautiful online shop for your business.