How I Made a Side-Income of 57,000/= Working From the Comfort of My Home

We just blitzed through the month of March.. Jobs here and there. Ventures here and there. And it sometimes becomes hard to realize that time is moving. I almost missed posting this month’s monthly income statement.

Anyway, now that we are at it, why don’t you let me show you how I was able to make Ksh 57,000/= as a side income.

I say side-income because I am still employed full-time as a Media and Communications Officer for  a conservationist company based in Rukinga, Kenya. The income I make online is however ‘my main income’. It is sometimes double or even triple what I earn from working on my full-time job, which begs the question,

“Why are you still employed, Patrick?”

Trust me I battle with this question day-in-day-out. Why am I still employed? Should I leave my daytime job to concentrate fully on working from home? I need words of encouragement here. Leave your comment below telling me to take the big leap from employment to self-employment.

Update: Yay! I finally did it. I quit from my daytime job to start my own online company (

My Online Income Sources on the Month of March

This income statement reflects only the money that has hit my bank account or my Mpesa account. There is much more that I made on March selling ebooks on Kindle Amazon and selling weight loss pills as an affiliate.

  1. Freelance Writing– I can’t believe that freelance writing jobs still form the largest part of my online income! More than 70% of my income came from here. I have been working on ebooks for a client based in Norway. I won this job through a bid that I placed in Elance. I also work on product reviews and descriptions for another client in Odesk. We hooked up with the Odesk client through one of my Fiverr Gigs.
  2. Web Design– Yes, I can be a web designer at times. I taught myself some html, css, JavaScript, jquery and php when I was still in college but thanks God that stuff no longer counts when it comes to designing websites.  I earned $90 from designing a blog for one of the subscribers in my mailing list.
  3. Sale of the Kindle Bestsellers Program– I launched my Kindle Bestsellers Program towards the end of the month and was able to sell 5 copies. This money was sent directly to my Mpesa line. I sold four copies at 499/= and one copy at 599/=. This program is still on sale and I am offering it at 799/= to everyone who places their order today. After today, the program will be available at the normal selling price of 799/=. Here is a primer of what the Kindle Bestsellers Program does.


Here is a screen shot of the money received through Paypal during the month of March. If the image is not clear on your browser, click here to see an enlarged version of it.

Apart from the money stated explicitly in this statement, every other online coin that I made in March came from freelance writing. This is not particularly a good thing because freelance writing is employment, and our goal is to become fully self-reliant. Also, in addition to the income that is reflected on this statement, I have also been able to make more money by selling books on Kindle and more affiliate products from Amazon. The reason why I have not included my earnings from Amazon and Kindle here is because Amazon holds the money earned on the platform for at least 60 days to allow customers to return products if they find them unsatisfactory.

Other earnings I have not included in this statement includes $35 that I have earned from referring people to a social network platform called Bubblews. Bubblews has a minimum payout of $50. I didn’t hit this amount last month since I was not active on the platform and only relied on money from the referrals I made.


I still get surprised at how much money we can make online if we remain truly committed to earning this cash. I personally began working online July 2013, and I will be the first person to admit that I have not even began tapping the bulk of cash that is to be earned online. I get lazy and hire people to work for me. There are so many income streams available online.

This month (April, 2014) I will be building a few niche websites and monetizing them with Amazon affiliate products. This follows the success of a research that I have been doing using my kawaida blogs. I will also be writing more books for Kindle.

If you would like to keep updated with all the various ways that I use to make money online or start an online company like I did, head over to

Working Online In Kenya. This is How I made 35K in February

Hey everyone,

This is the second series of my monthly online income statements. You can find out what I made in January from doing various online jobs in my first posting.

Basically, I have made an increase from 35k that I earned in January to 39k working online in Kenya! This is a proof that making money online is possible. It doesn’t matter that you are not in Silicon Valley; You can start tasting the joy of online income right here in Kenya.

Before, I give you the screenshot to my February Monthly income statement, I would like to show you Make Money Online.

Reasons Why You Are Not Making Enough Online Income

online income in Kenya

  • You Do Not Have the Relevant Information

Do you think you know all the various ways you can use to make money online in Kenya? Have you found which online income niche works best for you? The first thing you need to do in order to start making massive amount of cash online is to gather all the information you can get about making money online. You can find this information by joining my mailing list here.

  • You Do Not Have the Tools of Trade

Tell me how many businesses or employment opportunities are giving out a net income of 39k per month? They are absolutely very few, right? Yet, you take them seriously and get all the tools of work ready.

Why are you not willing to do the same for online income?

Here is the deal, if you do not have a computer and a modem, you can as well forget about making online income in Kenya. Making money online begins with the strong belief that it can be done.

Once you have this belief, you will not be so reluctant to make the investments required to start earning the money. I am honestly sick and tired of all those people who tell me that they want to make money online yet all they have is the Ideos Phone.

  • You Give Up Too Easily

Is this what is keeping you from earning enough cash online? Do you give up too easily?

Do you want to join an online income platform and earn $50 within 2 days. I am afraid it won’t happen. Like every other business venture, making money online requires patience.

You have to cultivate your online income streams until they get to where you want them to be.  You won’t join Bubblews and hit the payout threshold within the first two days! Making online income requires patience. I did not start earning 39K overnight. It has taken me about 6 months to get to where I am. Six months of constantly learning and improving.

  • You Are Not an Action Taker

99.9% of the people in my mailing list have all the information they need to earn more than 30k from doing online jobs. Yet, only 10% of them are making any money online.

There is a very simple reason for this. 90% of the people will read the information I recommend and never take action on it. There is not time like now. If you do not take action at the very instance you get the information, there is a very big likelihood that you will never take action. Stop being a procrastinator. Take action on the information you receive through my emails, and trust me, you will be earning three times what I earn in less than 6 months.

What else is preventing you from making enough money online. I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.

Here is a screenshot of the money that I earned in working on online jobs in the month of February. If the image is not large enough on your screen, click to enlarge it. In total I made $468.90 in February. This is roughly Ksh 38,918.70.

Would you like to know how I make the money? Join my mailing list now! I will send you tips that I guarantee will start making you online income immediately.


make money online in Kenya

I Made 35K in January from Doing Online Jobs- See How I Did it

Hi guys,

This is the first post that I am doing about my monthly online earnings, and I will tell you why.

During last year’s Christmas, I announced to my fiancee that I was intending to quit my job in order to explore the world of making money online. This got me into one of the most fierce arguments I have ever had with my fiancee.

“But you just can’t quit your job for this [expletive removed]!” she kept screaming.

Try as I tried, I could not get her to see that the future of business, employment and making money is on the internet. She could not understand why I would be so reckless as to leave a job that pays me about 20k per month for online money exploits.

I think she had a point. Making money online in Kenya is hard, but it is  not entirely impossible. I will give you my reasons for why I think it is difficult to make money online in Kenya. But before I actually get into that, let me outline some of the genuine ways that you can use to make money online in Kenya:

1.   Freelance Jobs

When we think of freelance jobs in Kenya, a lot of us think freelance writing. This never ceases to amaze me. Freelance writing is part of the freelance jobs that are available on the internet, but it is not the only job that you can do. There are other online jobs like web design, data entry and virtual assistance that you can also do and earn as much money.

To get started with freelance writing jobs, you will need to create a freelancer’s account in one of the many freelance job websites such as Fiverr, Elance, Freelancer and iWriter. Some of these sites will require you to bid for jobs while others will only need you to pick a job, work on it and return it to the client for approval.

Fiverr is a special kind of a freelancing marketplace and it deserves a special mention. Unlike the other freelance job portals where you always need to make the first contact with the client, Fiverr requires that you publish your gigs and wait for clients to ‘buy’ them. I have written a special report about creating best-selling fiverr gigs here.

2.   Blogging

A lot of Kenyans want to know how you can make money blogging. Fortunately, I have a free e-course that I sell for 990/=, but which is currently free for all the people who register before the end of this week. Follow this link to take advantage of this special offer.

The course covers everything you will need in order to start making money from blogging. I will show you, among many other things,

  • How to make money from a free blog
  • How to choose an inexpensive web hosting and domain registration company
  • How to make money in Kenya from affiliate marketing, and
  • How to sell advertising space on your blogs to companies such as OLX Kenya.

Book your registration for the free blogging for money e-course now by following this link.

3.   Creating and Selling Infoproducts

Infoproducts are digital commodities that you can easily create and sell online or offline for a profit. Some of the info products include ebooks, software, audio files and videos.

At this juncture, you should probably tell me to slap myself hard on the face.  I have been telling myself to write my ebook for months now, and every time I get to do it, I get distracted by an urgent project that needs my attention.

There are many other differentiated ways of earning money online in  Kenya. I will post about all of them in one extra long post and share it with you right here on

For now, let us get back to the track and look at the reasons why it might be extra hard for you to make money online in Kenya.

To begin with, if you are relying on freelance jobs to make money online, you are in for some stiff competition. All the freelance market places that I know of are saturated with cheap laborers and low-ballers.

If you get lucky enough to escape the curse of the low-ballers, there is the Native Bias Phenomenon waiting to frustrate you.

Here are the other reasons why making money online in Kenya can be an uphill task that only a few dedicated individuals can pull through:

  • Making money online requires time– If you do not have this precious commodity, there is no way you will make enough money online. Having enough time will sometime mean that you have to quit your daytime job to concentrate on building an online income empire. Show me a few Kenyans who are ready to quit their daytime jobs to pursue an online income dream, and I will show you the meaning of success.
  • People Don’t Send Mpesa to Strangers– Kenyans are an untrusting lot, not that there is no good reason for this mistrust. In a world full of conmens and scammers, it pays to be cautious with your wallet. If you think you will just create a product or service and have Kenyans flock to buy it, you are in for a rude shock.

Why did I go to all these pains of sharing all this information with you. To prove that I know what I am doing. There is money to be made online whether you are in Kenya or Kuala Lumpur, but this money does not come easy. You will have to pour in energy, creativeness and time in order to start scathing the surface of making money online.

So, What Did I make in January

From the moment we had that argument with my girlfriend around Christmas time, throughout the whole month of January and now we are in the 4th of  February, I managed to make $447.87 from my online earnings as a freelance writer. Converting this to Kenya shillings brings it to around 35,800/=.

I made this money mainly from Elance, some from Fiverr and a lot from a client that I privately write e-books for. Here is a screenshot showing my earnings for this period.

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

If I was a jackass, I would have picked up my phone, dialed my girlfriend and said, “You see Sweethear, I told you it could be done.”

Keep it Blogscheme to get all updates about my monthly income statements from my exploits as a freelance writer and blogger.